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Top Northern Ireland nosh spots move to takeaways to stay aloat

Leading eateries to deliver


Noble, in Holywood

Noble, in Holywood

Noble, in Holywood

Leading eateries have switched to takeaway and delivery services in order to keep afloat and keep people fed after restaurants were ordered to close.

Award-winning Holywood restaurant Noble, which won a Michelin Bib Gourmand award in 2017, has introduced a collection service with a view to having delivery available within the coming week.

Scores of other restaurants and eateries the length and breadth of the province are now doing the same.

Co-owner Saul McConnell told Sunday Life: "When the initial news came out that there might be a possibility of closures due to social responsibility, my business partner Pearson Morris and I talked about it and immediately said we would have to close for safety.

"Having decided that, we wanted to look at our options to keep our staff employed and keep the business going if possible.

"We decided to switch to a collection-only service where the customers aren't allowed in and there's absolutely zero contact at all times, the only contact is on the phone.

"We will try our best to deliver restaurant-quality food to your home. We have never done this before and we are trying our best.

"We have been fully booked this weekend so it is proving to be popular. Today is a huge day with Mother's Day and we have 200 Noble At Home roasts going out which is great.

"Genuinely, we have been a restaurant here for the last three-and-a-half years and the support from the local community has been overwhelming to say the least. Everyone has been super supportive of what we are doing. We have nine full-time staff excluding Pearson and myself and laying them off just wasn't an option for us. As long as we can generate any sort of cash flow to keep them employed, we will.

"Every day is a learning day for us, I think everyone is in the same boat about that. We made the decision to do this a week ago and thankfully we were able to get it up and running.

"We have all been self-isolating as a precaution just to make sure we remain healthy.

"Fingers crossed we can keep it going and the support will remain.

"We really can't thank the people of Holywood enough, we're just delighted to be doing it, even for our own sanity's sake so we're not talking about it all the time."

Elsewhere, restaurants across the province have been following suit and offering similar services. Deane's, French Village, Coppi, Jumon, Bia Rebel and many others in Belfast are offering collection and delivery services.

Meanwhile, coffee and food chain Bob & Berts (circled) is offering NI-wide coverage from their outlets across the province.

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