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Tragic Glenn Quinn is UDA gang's seventh murder victim

Code of silence across town with locals too scared to go to police

Glenn Quinn

Terminally-ill Glenn Quinn is the SEVENTH person to have been murdered by an out-of-control serial killing UDA gang based in Carrickfergus.

All of the victims were targeted following personal disputes, with police unable to secure a single conviction in each of the cases which span two decades.

This abject failure has led to a climate of fear in the seaside town, with locals too afraid to speak out as they view the UDA unit as being "untouchable".

The silence is also hampering the police investigation into the killing of 47-year-old Glenn, who was beaten to death in his Ashleigh Park flat on January 3.

His crime, in the eyes of the terror gang, was to complain about its arson attacks on a mechanic business owned by his friend Joe Dunlop.

The Carrickfergus UDA's other unsolved murders include that of Chinese takeaway owner Simon Tang (28), who was beaten to death during a race-hate robbery.

Charlie Strain (28), Tommy Hollran (49) and Hugh Cameron (36) were all abducted and murdered by the organisation, as was loyalist Mark 'Judge' Gourley (36) who was secretly buried and has never been found. Two years ago ex-Carrickfergus UDA commander Geordie Gilmore (44) was shot dead by his former associates during a feud.


Mark 'Judge' Gourley (36) was secretly buried. Credit: Pacemaker

Mark 'Judge' Gourley (36) was secretly buried. Credit: Pacemaker

Mark 'Judge' Gourley (36) was secretly buried. Credit: Pacemaker

The PSNI's inability to successfully prosecute anyone in connection with these multiple murders has severely weakened what little local confidence there is in Glenn's killers being caught.

This is a fact not lost on Ulster Unionist MLA John Stewart, a Carrickfergus native who organised last weekend's vigil outside the town's historic castle in memory of the UDA's latest murder victim.

He told Sunday Life: " Sadly, in small pockets of this brilliant town decent people are living under a blanket of fear, too frightened to speak out for fear of retribution from sinister elements who appear to be beyond the law.

"What we need to see is arrests and convictions. The power of organised criminals, terror gangs and lawless thugs needs to be broken once and for all."

The week before he was beaten to death Glenn Quinn was involved in a clash with senior Carrickfergus UDA figure Colin Simms.

The 39-year-old loyalist is reported to have elbowed the former barman in the face after finding out he had criticised UDA arson attacks on Dunlop's business.

The PSNI has publicly linked Glenn's murder to an incident on December 29 in which Glenn wasn't seriously hurt but was left frightened.

Convicted death driver and drug dealer Simms was arrested but freed on police bail to an address in Larne having strongly denied any wrongdoing.

Also lifted and later released on bail to a house in Whitehead was a 47-year-old woman who cops suspect complained to the UDA about Glenn bad-mouthing the terror gang.

A 38-year-old man, who is a suspect in the 2017 UDA feud killing of Geordie Gilmore, was another arrested on suspicion of murder.


Carrickfergus loyalist George Gilmore

Carrickfergus loyalist George Gilmore

Carrickfergus loyalist George Gilmore

He was also freed on bail, however his dog was impounded with DNA samples taken from the pet being tested against animal hair and excrement found in Glenn's flat.

The baseball bat-wielding gang, which forced their way into the property after hiding under a communal stairwell in the complex, were accompanied by a dog.

Facing a public backlash South East Antrim UDA boss Gary Fisher has disowned those involved in the murder. He is even claiming that one of the killers was expelled from the organisation last year.

However, UDA sources have rubbished this as a desperate attempt by Fisher to save face. They are also predicting that those involved in Glenn Quinn's death could face internal retribution at the hands of the terror gang, which has around 2,000 members in South East Antrim with 500 based in Carrickfergus.

"The talk is that the UDA could execute the fella who organised the attack on Glenn," said a source.

"He was already in trouble before this, and is seen as a loose cannon who has brought far too much negative attention from the cops and the media. Glenn's beating wasn't even sanctioned and Fisher is raging that he has been dragged into this mess."

Prior to Glenn Quinn's murder, the South East Antrim UDA was among the PSNI Paramilitary Crime Taskforce's main targets along with the West Belfast UDA, East Belfast UVF and West Belfast INLA.

That status has now been upgraded to 'priority', with raids on Fisher's key lieutenants imminent. Taskforce bosses have been ordered to dismantle the South East Antrim UDA's lucrative drug dealing operation that stretches from Larne to north Belfast.

At Glenn's funeral last Wednesday at Joymount Presbyterian Church, the murder victim was described as a man with a "big heart" who loved his family and friends.


The funeral of Glenn Alexander Quinn at Joymount Presbyterian Church in Carrickfergus. Credit: Pacemaker

The funeral of Glenn Alexander Quinn at Joymount Presbyterian Church in Carrickfergus. Credit: Pacemaker

The funeral of Glenn Alexander Quinn at Joymount Presbyterian Church in Carrickfergus. Credit: Pacemaker

He was also battling a terminal liver disease and was unable to defend himself when attacked by his UDA killers who beat him so badly that his coffin was closed throughout his wake.

Cops investigating Glenn's killing have released CCTV footage of him in a shop on the Woodburn Road in Carrickfergus the day before his death.

Detective Chief Inspector Darren McCartney wants anyone who saw or spoke to him to contact police.

He said: "I would also like to hear from anyone who saw or spoke to Glenn in the days before his murder. This was a violent and unprovoked attack on a vulnerable member of your community who was not in the best of health. The appalling individuals, who preyed on defenceless Glenn in his own home, need to be caught and put behind bars."

Anyone with information on the Glenn Quinn murder should contact the PSNI on the non-emergency 101 number or the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555 111.

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