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UDA boss Stitt a laughing stock as bonfire collapses

Image showing the Kilcooley Bonfire in Bangor collapsing.
Image showing the Kilcooley Bonfire in Bangor collapsing.
Image showing the Kilcooley Bonfire in Bangor collapsing.
Image showing the Kilcooley Bonfire in Bangor collapsing.
Dee Stitt
Ciaran Barnes

By Ciaran Barnes

Vain UDA boss Dee Stitt is once again a laughing stock after his prized bonfire collapsed on Friday night.

The red-faced Charter NI chief executive is being ridiculed on social media, having earlier claimed the pyre was a "military operation, being constructed by structural engineers for safety".

The truth of the matter is the bonfire at the Kilcooley estate in Bangor gave way under its own weight because the dopey builders used flimsy cable reels rather than wooden pallets at its base.

Anyone with the most basic construction knowledge would have realised that it was bound to fall over.

But not Stitt, who now boasts of his Open University degree on social media, insisting on putting the term BSc (Hons) after his name.

One Twitter user mockingly asked if this stands for 'Bonfire Safety Consultant", while another said: "What sort of insecure t**t puts B.Sc. after their name?"

Stitt responded to the jibes yesterday by claiming that bonfire builders pushed it over because of safety concerns, but that led to further derision of the much ridiculed loyalist.

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On Friday evening the Kilcooley bonfire resembled the Leaning Tower of Pisa, however ego-maniac Stitt wanting to have the biggest pyre in Ulster, insisted on more pallets going on top.

Despite it being on the verge of toppling over, he proudly tweeted pictures of the lopsided tower with the phrase "up, up, up".

Just a few hours later, it was "down, down, down" when the bonfire unsurprisingly crashed to the ground, leaving Stitt aghast.

He took to Twitter yesterday to reveal how the tower was "being bilt (sic) again, don't worry".

But the convicted armed robber's poor spelling led to even more jokes. One Twitter user claimed the bonfire collapse was "the perfect metaphor for loyalist paramilitarism".

He was also ribbed about a "box of UDA Viagra" not being able to keep the Kilcooley bonfire up.

Stitt was further described as a "moon unit" - with one social media account sending up the loyalist's obsession with having the biggest bonfire in Northern Ireland.

He asked the UDA thug: "Our boney is bigger than your boney, what f*****g age are you, you moon unit?"

Luckily, no one was injured when the bonfire fell. Earlier that day, youngsters were seen on top of the shaky pyre, which a crane was continuously stacking with pallets under the watchful gaze of a now humiliated Stitt, who spent yesterday rebuilding his pride and joy. Hearing the creeks and knowing it was going to fall crowds gathered including an ice-cream van.

DUP councillor, Alan Graham, said: "I am really glad no one has been hurt. That would have been a disaster."

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