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UVF boss Winkie Irvine sits on board of Shankill charity bidding for massive wood pellet boiler

By Christopher Woodhouse

A housing charity which includes UVF boss Winkie Irvine on its board has applied for planning permission to install a massive wood pellet boiler cabin at a west Belfast development.

The Woodvale and Shankill Community Housing Association (WSCHA) has lodged the application for the boiler cabin at Cambrai Court — a development of around 30 flats near the Shankill Road — with the city council and it was advertised in the local press last week.

A local source has told Sunday Life the boiler was put in place last year and expressed concerns about how close it is to nearby homes.

The application concerns a 200kW wood pellet burner at 258 Cambrai Court.

Top loyalist Irvine is a director of the WSCHA which is responsible for renovating and maintaining hundreds of houses in the area.

WSCHA’s application for a 2.8m by 12m wood pellet cabin states: “Installation of a 200kW Wood Pellet Boiler with a self contained cabin to serve new heating system.”

Beside the flats complex is blue steel box with two flues visible from Cambrai Street and it is next to a row of modern houses.

Letters of notification about the planning application have been sent to 13 residents, according to document filed with the Planning NI.

The charity recently made headlines when it was accused of safety breaches and conducting a sham tender process at an industrial tribunal preliminary hearing.

The case being brought by a building surveyor, who was employed by WSCHA, is set to proceed this year.

Earlier this month Sunday Life reported on a pre-hearing review of a tribunal which heard details of the surveyor’s allegations.

He accused the charity of letting out potentially dangerous properties and made allegations of mismanagement against the board.

The tribunal has not yet heard the response of the WSCHA to claims made by the surveyor.

A summary of the surveyor’s allegations were published online by the Tribunals Service.

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