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UVF social media troll account targets Ogle murder witnesses

Daughter Toni Johnston is defiant as cops probe sinister posts


Toni Johnston

Toni Johnston

Toni Johnston

A UVF social media troll account has made veiled threats against six witnesses in the Ian Ogle murder case.

Cops have confirmed they are investigating the content of a sinister post and have contacted Facebook to have it removed.

Multiple witnesses to the brutal Ogle killing are named and verbally abused including the slain loyalist's campaigning daughter Toni Johnston.

She reported the account to police at Strandtown in east Belfast on Tuesday, later telling Sunday Life that this is the latest act of intimidation the family has been forced to endure.

"It's non-stop," said Toni, who last month organised a successful community meeting at which calls were made for an end to gangsterism and drug dealing in east Belfast.

"It's bad enough that my daddy was murdered, now a bunch of bullies are trying to frighten witnesses to the killing into not giving evidence. This is just the latest in a long line of acts of intimidation that we have had to suffer. Luckily my family is strong and we have huge support from within the community, so we will be going nowhere."

Loyalist sources told Sunday Life that the sinister social media account is being run, in part, by one of the five-man UVF gang who butchered Ian Ogle to death outside his Cluan Place home. Although questioned about the killing he has not been charged.

Believed to be helping him is a disgraced ex-soldier who is suspected of assisting with the clean-up operation.

A PSNI spokeswoman said: "Police have received a report of comments made on a social media platform. Inquiries are ongoing."

Last month, ahead of the first anniversary of her dad's murder, Toni and her family were targeted in a graffiti campaign with menacing and untrue slogans about them written on walls around east Belfast.

Detectives suspect the same sick individuals are behind the latest sinister social media account spewing lies about her and witnesses to the killing.

The dad-of-two was stabbed to death by a drunken and drugged-up gang following an 18-month intimidation campaign by the East Belfast UVF.

Prominent loyalists Jonny Brown (33), Glenn Rainey (33), and Mark Sewell (40) are charged with his murder - a claim they strongly deny.

The East Belfast UVF has admitted its members were involved, but insisted the killing was not sanctioned at a leadership level. Ian was praying with local pastor Kevin Sambrook when he was mercilessly attacked.

The 45-year-old was beaten with bats and stabbed 11 times in his back.

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