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Video: Sister of murder victim Edward Robinson confronts killer Kenny Shields during Belfast Christmas shopping trip

Bravery of heartbroken relative

Ciaran Barnes

By Ciaran Barnes

This is the dramatic moment a convicted killer apologised for fatally stabbing a loving dad when confronted by the victim's heartbroken sister during a Christmas shopping trip.

Kenny Shields was recorded saying "sorry" by the relative of Edward 'Pieball' Robinson, the 19th anniversary of whose death occurred last Friday.

She bravely challenged the knife maniac after spotting him walking past the CastleCourt shopping complex in the centre of Belfast.

Approaching Shields, and ignoring concerns for her own safety, she told him: "Tell my mummy how you're sorry for murdering her son."

The killer, who is from the Shankill area of the city, replied: "I'm so sorry. I really am."

However, the apology cut little ice with his victim's still-grieving sister, who added: "Nineteen years coming this Christmas. On December 27 my brother will be dead 19 years. You killed him, you murdered him in cold blood, and you're sorry.

"My mummy is sitting without a son, and I'm without a brother, and there are kids without a granddad. Everything is gone.

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"You done two-and-a-half-years in jail. You're a murdering f*****g scumbag so you are. My brother was a good man and a good husband, and a good father."

Shields then repeats, "I'm very sorry," before walking off along Royal Avenue. The clip, which has been widely shared, ends with Edward Robinson's sister saying: "You're a murdering scumbag, that's all you are, and you're going to hell."

Shields served just two-and-a-half years in prison for the killing which occurred during a 2000 Christmas party in the Woodvale area off Belfast's Shankill Road. He was sentenced to five years but was released early under the 50% remission rule.

Now aged 68, he cuts a solitary figure, unable to return to the area where he spent most of his life because of his manslaughter conviction.

On the night of the stabbing, Shields had been in Edward's company, enjoying a sing-song with him at his house on Mayo Park before going home.

He returned in the early hours of the morning to complain about noise, getting into a scuffle with the dad-of-two.

Kenny Shields
Kenny Shields
Kenny Shields

It was during this that Edward was stabbed through the heart, with Shields also cutting his own arm. When he was sentenced in 2002, the court heard that the knife has never been found.

After being arrested, Shields told detectives he could not remember having the weapon, but accepted he was responsible for Edward's death. Both men were heavily intoxicated at the time. Passing sentence, Lord Justice McCollum said this was a "tragic case which showed the potentially devastating influence of drink and drugs when taken in excess".

He accepted Shields did not intend to cause serious harm to Edward when the fatal blow was inflicted.

The killer was originally charged with murder, but this was dropped by the prosecution when he pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Sources on the Shankill who provided Sunday Life with the footage of Kenny Shields described his victim Edward Robinson as a "good man".

"Eddie was very popular and well-liked, he lived for his family who have never got over his death," said one local. "Their neighbours' hearts go out to them as they genuinely are decent people."

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