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Video: X-rated footage of woman stripping outside a Comber bar branded 'disgusting'

An X-RATED video filmed outside a Comber bar has been branded “disgusting” by an Alliance MLA who sits on a group tasked with regenerating the town.

The shocking video nasty shows two apparently intoxicated women stripping off in The Square area of the busy County Down town in the middle of the afternoon.

It’s not clear when the footage was filmed, but the film has been doing the rounds on social media for the past few weeks.

The obscene video begins with a woman wearing just a pair of bright pink lace knickers and a skimpy black top running down the street outside the Gillespie Arms in Comber — an area packed with shops and cafés, and frequented by young families.

The unidentified woman then shouts that she “loves fresh air” before flashing her bra and then her bare bottom to the camera while a man shooting the video clip calls her “a mad b******”.

Her friend then joins in, pulling her trousers down before her outrageous pal attempts to kiss her backside, calling her a “sexy b******.”

The man filming then exclaims: “Facebook is going to be on fire tonight, I’m telling you.”

Another friend of the women then tells them off for their shameful antics, saying: “Get your trousers back on, it’s 5 o’clock in the afternoon.”

But the seemingly inebriated pair ignore the woman and proceed to climb on top a table outside the bar where they graphically simulate sexual intercourse before the two-minute recording ends.

Kieran McCarthy, Alliance MLA and member of the Comber Public Realm Steering Group, said: “This is absolutely disgusting.

“This is a busy part of the town, there is likely to have been lots of people around, even children, given the time of day that it happened and it’s terrible to think they would have witnessed this type of behaviour.

“We are trying to portray Comber as a welcoming and progressive town, we’re trying to attract more people, more businesses to come in to the town and this type of thing is certainly damaging to its reputation.”

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