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Watch out Simon Cowell, ‘Frostbit boy' wants a shot at X Factor

I can’t sing, I can’t dance, but sure, Ill have a pop, says Ruairi McSorley

By Sara Girvin

He's already an internet sensation, and now ‘Frostbit boy’ Ruairi McSorley has his sights set on pop stardom.

The teenager from the tiny village of Park near Claudy has told Sunday Life of his plans to enter The X Factor - even though he can’t sing.

The schoolboy went viral after he was filmed in the snow telling a UTV reporter in his thick accent: “Oh God you wouldn’t be long gettin’ frostbit.”

The hilarious clip has now been viewed by million of people around the globe.

Reflecting on his new-found fame, the A-level student said: “It has been life changing when I think about it.

“I suppose I am famous now, there’s people coming up wanting photos and autographs, but sure it’s great.

“If people want to pay me to chat p*** then that would be great.

“There was talk of going to university, but if I’m going to be paid hundreds to shake people’s hands and say, ‘How do you do?’, then I’ll do that.”

On his X Factor dreams the comedian said: “I can’t sing but if you’re Irish sure everyone from Ireland votes for you anyway.

“If you act the eejit people keep voting for you to annoy big Simon Cowell.”

Ruairi had previously claimed he’d been approached by US comedian Ellen DeGeneres to appear on her US talkshow.

“There’s been talk of taking a wee trip over to America so we’ll just see, I’m not sure if it’s true or not,” he said.

“There’s wee grannies in the village wanting me to do their birthday parties, so that’s a start.”

Despite his notoriety, Ruairi’s been back to school at Derry’s Lumen Christie College where he says teachers “haven’t reacted”.

“They told me off for being filmed carrying a Spar bag to school, but other than that there’s been no fuss,” he said.

But Ruairi’s popularity reached new levels last week after a fan in Bangor known only as Carl had his face, along with his Frostbit catchphrase, tattooed on his leg.

Talking about the tattoo, Ruairi said: “When I heard I thought it was a wee bit silly but at the same time I’m very honoured.

“That’s me immortalised now. My face will be on his body for the rest of his life and beyond - even when he’s in the box I’ll still be there on his leg.”

He added: “There’s talk of a woman getting a t** tattoo - that’ll be the first time my head’s been near a pair of them.”

Ruairi said he’s planning a celebration “like one of Daniel O’Donnell’s tea parties” in his local parish for the friends and family who have supported him since the TV appearance that made him famous.

But he admits not everyone has been so supportive, and he’s been the target of vile internet trolls and bullies.

“People message and say I make them laugh and they’d love to meet me,” he said.

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“Other’s email me saying ‘I hope you die’.

“People’s awful grand at taking offence.”

Somewhat unusually for an internet star, 18-year-old Ruairi doesn’t even own a mobile phone.


“I had a big phone and I lost it, then I had a wee phone and I don’t rightly know where that is.

“Sure I’ll be able to afford a phone now with all this hand shaking I’ll be doing,” he said.

As for whether what we’ve seen of Ruairi is really him, or all an act, he said: “People think I’m putting it all on but I’ve always had the craic.

“Since I was a wee boy people said I should be on TV but I’m just having fun.

“They tell me I’m a one trick pony but I never wanted to prove anything, I just bounced out of the car and asked UTV could I scowl about the snow.

“I just thought people would be coming up to me at the chapel wanting to shake my hand for being on the television.

“I didn’t know all this would happen but sure it’s great.

“It just shows you the power of the internet, it’s wild craic altogether.”



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