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Wife of love-cheat Kirwan stands by her man after we expose affair with leggy fan

By Gail Edgar

Country crooner Dominic Kirwan's wife sensationally welcomed her love rat hubby back to the family home this weekend.

Petite blonde Louise is even planning a Caribbean cruise with the cheat — just days after we exposed his affair with a sexy superfan.

In an exclusive interview, mum-of-four Louise revealed she will NOT be divorcing the Ulster country legend.

Louise told last week's Sunday Life how her trust in her husband of 27 years had been shattered and admitted she had consulted a solicitor after discovering he was having an affair.

But speaking from the family's luxury home outside Omagh on Friday, Louise said: "I'm not going to divorce or anything like that.

"Yes, there is a family holiday organised and yes, we will all be going on it. He's at the house today. I'm not suing for divorce."

While the couple are fighting to save their troubled marriage, Louise admitted the future's not clear. When asked if they'd managed to patch things up, she said: "Well, we don't know what's happening at the minute."

But she denied they'd separated, saying: "He's at the house today, put it like that."

Last week Sunday Life exclusively revealed that housewives' favourite Kirwan (47) had set up a cosy love nest with blonde 32-year-old Helen Wall.

His wife revealed she'd known about the affair for a month and was seeking legal advice.

But on Friday night Louise was standing by her man by joining Dominic in Castleblayney — his first concert in Ireland since news of his steamy affair broke.

And instead of planning divorce proceedings, she's preparing to watch him take to the stage again when Dominic performs on the All Star Irish Caribbean Charter Cruise next month.

While on board the luxury MS Westerdam, the couple will enjoy breathtaking views and five course dinners.

The online brochure promises: "A gracious, white-gloved steward escorts you to your stateroom.

"You are aboard a five star ship ... experiencing the joys of luxury cruising as a few have."

The eight-day cruise around the Bahamas will seem like a million miles away from the thatched cottage in Southport where Dominic had a love nest with mother-of-one Helen Wall.

When Sunday Life called at the cottage last weekend, we were told the loved-up couple were spending the weekend in Wales.

And when we approached Helen's heartbroken husband, Jeff Wall, he accused the country star of stealing his wife.

"I found out very quickly after we first split in March 2006 that she was seeing Dominic Kirwan.

"We made a separation agreement when we split, but we were going to stay married and I believed that we could have got back together again," the single dad said.

"But because she was sleeping with Dominic Kirwan there was no chance. That led to our divorce in February of last year."

Last night Helen Wall wasn't available to comment about the country star's plans to set sail with his forgiving wife.

But in a love letter to the crooner, the stunning blonde once declared her undying love for him.

The letter said: "I want to stay with you for always. Everything about you makes me smile.

I think about you and I get butterflies. I have never got so close to someone so quickly and allowed it to happen so easily ... I love being close to you ... You have reminded me of so many feelings I had forgotten."

When contacted by Sunday Life yesterday Jeff Wall said: "It’s taken me two years to get over the upset and pain of our divorce.

"When I found out about the letter I was totally gobsmacked. It hurt so much.

"The very person that I used to pay for her to go and see. I really do feel for Louise and her children. They must be devastated like I was a few years ago."

But this weekend loyal wife Louise claimed she was "fine" and that her hus band was "grand".

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