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Zoe Salmon footage a big hit on YouTube

A video of Blue Peter stunner Zoe Salmon freezing in a skimpy bikini is proving hot stuff for her fans.

A video of Blue Peter stunner Zoe Salmon freezing in a skimpy bikini is proving hot stuff for her fans.

For more than 72,000 of them have logged onto YouTube to watch the 2mins 11 seconds clip of the curvy Ulster beauty emerging from the icy waters of an open air swimming pool at the height of mid-winter.

And another video featuring leggy Zoe accidentally doing a a Kenny Everett style "best possible taste" moment on the kids' show is also proving a massive YouTube hit.

The bubbly, blonde TV star sprang a major surprise when she announced last week she was quitting Blue Peter.

But it seems Zoe and co-star Konnie Huq's adventures on the kids' show are guaranteed to be big favourites on the internet for years to come.

Zoe's most popular clip features her with co-presenter Gethin Jones braving the freezing water in an open-air pool.

And as you can see, Zoe looks chest perfect in her revealing bikini.

The Bangor babe needed a friendly push from co-star Gethin to get her into the pool, but she sportingly swam a length before emerging shivering.

Fans have posted messages on the website raving about Zoe's figure.

One reads: "The naked truth — Zoe's a knockout." Another says: "She looked like a supermodel even after that icy swim."

The second of Zoe's YouTube greatest hits features an embarrassing moment for the star while presenting an item on breakdancing Blue Peter.

Wearing denim hotpants, black tights and ankle boots, the star sits back on a sofa before spreading her legs in a very unladylike fashion as she tries to move closer to a guest.

It's more of a comic Kenny Everett moment than Sharon Stone, but Zoe's sofa shocker has attracted 10,000 hits on YouTube.

Zoe, who became Blue Peter's 30th presenter on the 2004 Christmas programme, is planning to host a new game show on children's channel CBBC.

During her time with Blue Peter, Zoe became the first member of the show to run the London marathon.

Her final appearance will go out on June 25.

Zoe, who has a law degree from Queen's University in Belfast, also has a number of other exciting TV options.

BBC chiefs are said to be keen to line her up as one of the presenters for the next series of Strictly Come Dancing and she'll also present the new CBBC gameshow, Hot Rods.

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