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Northern Ireland KKK thug unmasked - UDA idiot facing arrest


The loyalist banner Barry Good often carries at matches
The loyalist banner Barry Good often carries at matches
Sign on a window in Ards
Sharon Mellor pictured with one of the people that dressed in a KKK outfit in Newtownards
Barry Good
A group of people dressed as Ku Klux Klan members posed outside an Islamic prayer house are being investigated as a hate incident, police said.
Dickie Barry and Barry Good

By Ciaran Barnes for Sunday Life

THIS is the far-right idiot at the centre of the sinister Ku Klux Klan Halloween display in Newtownards.

UDA member Barry Good was the man who took photographs of his pals dressed as the race hate gang outside an Islamic centre in the Co Down town.

He also laughingly filmed them stopping "black" cars on the road and waving crosses in a JD Wetherspoon's pub after being refused alcohol by staff.

When contacted by Sunday Life via social media,  he replied with a middle-finger emoji.

He also shared a 25-minute video on Facebook last night by north Down based right-wing activist Jim Dowson in which he called for an end to the "witch hunt" against the Ards "lads" who dressed in KKK outfits for a Halloween pub crawl and fancy dress event.

Good now faces arrest after PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton branded the Ku Klux Klan display "disgusting and distasteful". He said: "There's no place for it anywhere in Northern Ireland. We will investigate it and report the evidence to the PPS."

PSNI Inspector Richard Murray added: "Hate crime, in all its forms, is totally unacceptable."

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Barry Good is well-known around Newtownards for dressing up at Northern Ireland football games, with previous costumes including an Arab gunman. He has also been seen carrying an Ulster flag at matches branded with the slogans, 'F**k ISIS' and 'Newtownards Loyal'.

An image of his pals behind the banner taken during the summer was digitally edited with Ku Klux Klan hoods placed over their heads.

Last Saturday night, Good pictured his mates wearing the real thing, as they marched around Newtownards chanting and cheering outside the town's Islamic centre.

They later attended a party in a local bar where they won a 'best dressed' competition.

A UDA source told Sunday Life: "The KKK costumes started out as a prank, but it got completely out of hand. They are all worried now about being arrested.

"Barry has tried to distance himself from it by saying he only took the photos, but he was the one sharing them on social media so he knows the police will be at his door.

"They realise they have made a huge f***-up, especially stopping black cars on the road and shouting and jeering outside the doors of the Islamic centre."

Sunday Life is aware of the identifies of at least two of those dressed as Ku Klux Klan members, one of them a major drug dealer, but cannot publish them for legal reasons.

Like Barry Good, these individuals are members of West Belfast UDA 'D Company' - a crime gang that has a strong presence in Newtownards and which is led by convicted extortionist Dickie Barry.

Barry Good
Barry Good

Both 'Klansmen' have taken to Facebook in recent days to defend the costumes as a prank. So too has cameraman Good, whose social media carries an image of a poster of his pals in their outfits declaring: 'Dressing up is not a crime, we support Ards boys.'

While the idiot bigot's timeline is littered with jokes, it also features deeply offensive racist images and slogans. Among these are sickening and hurtful comments about Muslims, refugees and the Catholic Church.

Good, whose 'likes' include the race-hate English Defence League, also accuses the PSNI of "causing riots" in the loyalist community.

But the most damning images that feature on his Facebook page are of him in full UDA paramilitary uniform carrying a wreath bearing the crest of the terror gang.

This picture, in which Good is dressed in a UDA beret and sunglasses while on an official commemoration parade, is proof of his membership of 'D Company'.

His links to the unit's convicted blackmailer boss Dickie Barry are also evident, with the two of them fooling around in one snap.

The behaviour of Good and his friends has been widely condemned, particularly after a second video emerged of the 'Klansmen' giving Nazi salutes while shouting: "If you're car is black it's getting stopped."

A passing motorist brands them "a pack of racist b******s", which they respond to by laughing, shouting obscenities and screaming "yeow".

Loyalist sources told Sunday Life that Good was the first to share recordings of the video on social media.

The fake Klansmen later posed for a picture embracing Sharon Mellor, the girlfriend of Nazi-loving National Front leader Tony Martin, in a Newtownards pub.

The Islamic centre in the town targeted by the gang has been the subject of previous race-hate attacks. A pig's head was left on its doorstep last year.

Belfast Islamic Centre executive treasurer Dr Raied Al-Wazzan says the small Muslim community in Newtownards are living in fear after the KKK display. He explained: "They could have gone to anywhere in Newtownards, anywhere in Northern Ireland dressing in any uniform. But to go in front of an Islamic prayer room, it's totally making people afraid. They are afraid to come out or even to go there."

Dr Al-Wazzan called upon those involved to come forward and identify themselves.

He added: "If this is just a joke, these people should come forward and identify themselves.

"To go there specifically wearing that costume in front of the Islamic centre is not acceptable. It's similar to somebody wearing a Nazi uniform and going in front of a Jewish synagogue."

Politicians have also lined up to condemn Good and his friends, with Strangford MP Jim Shannon saying: "The police have confirmed that they are treating this as a hate crime and rightly so. Nobody within our community should live in fear or intimidation from a group of people who through this action have offered nothing but that."

The Ku Klux Klan is a US-based hate group responsible for the murders of scores of black people who were lynched next to burning crosses.

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