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Northern Ireland politician sorry she slept with DUP MP - councillor's apology over affair


Louise Templeton with David Simpson
Louise Templeton with David Simpson
Louise Templeton and David Simpson
Brett Campbell

By Brett Campbell

A love-rat DUP councillor has issued a grovelling apology to party members almost six months after her affair with veteran MP and devout Christian David Simpson was exposed.

Mum-of-two Louise Templeton has split with the Upper Bann MP and is re-united with her husband Andrew, who works for Mr Simpson and his wife Elaine's Portadown meat firm.

It was in May that Sunday Life revealed that Elaine had kicked the MP dubbed "Dirty Dave" out of their family home after he was caught cheating with his younger DUP colleague.

Ms Templeton confirmed to Sunday Life last night that the affair was over and said: "We (Andrew and I) are on a journey and are trying to reconcile our relationship."

She also confirmed she has written to members of the DUP's Upper Bann constituency association expressing her regrets of the adulterous relationship.

"It was a sincere apology and hope it is taken as such," she said.

"I want to take sole responsibility for my actions which is why I did not name anyone else in the letter.

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"I have received numerous letters in return thanking me for my apology."

Ms Templeton sent out letters to DUP members on Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council (ABC) headed notepaper, expressing her deep regrets over what she describes as her "inappropriate actions" and a "negative experience".

The councillor's apology has been widely shared, but according to sources, her letter has not been universally well received.

Affair: David Simpson
Affair: David Simpson

In her letter, Ms Templeton said it has been very difficult for her to find the words to express her "deepest regrets and sincerest apologies for the inappropriate actions that I was involved in".

Ms Templeton doesn't mention David Simpson by name or speak directly of their affair.

But she states: "For my part, I accept responsibility for the pain and embarrassment that I have caused to families, elected colleagues and party friends and for this I offer my personal and most humble apology."

Broken bond: the DUP's David Simpson and his wife Elaine at an election count
Broken bond: the DUP's David Simpson and his wife Elaine at an election count

Ms Templeton also recognised the embarrassment the relationship had caused the party and said she wanted to work to rectify the damage caused.

"I also recognise how my actions have reflected on our party locally and I want to assure you that I will work as hard as I can to try and rectify this in some way in the months ahead," she wrote.

Ms Templeton also promises the party there will never be a repeat of her mistake.

Sunday Life reporter Christopher Woodhouse speaks with DUP David Simpson MP
Sunday Life reporter Christopher Woodhouse speaks with DUP David Simpson MP
Sunday Life reporter Christopher Woodhouse speaks with DUP David Simpson MP
Sunday Life reporter Christopher Woodhouse speaks with DUP David Simpson MP
David Simpson with wife Elaine and their children, Steven, Leah (far left) and Kristy

"I will not attempt to try to excuse my behaviour but I believe I that owe you this apology and an assurance that it will not happen again," she said.

But one recipient of her letter said it had gone down like a lead balloon.

"In my view, she is playing the victim and it hasn't went down well, absolutely not," he told the Sunday Life.

One source said some constituents have interpreted the move by Ms Templeton as a brazen attempt to save her political career at Simpson's expense.

"It's almost a complete reversal of what King David did," he said.

"He sent a man to be killed in battle so he could sleep with her wife but it seems that now Louise is back playing happy families she is seeking to politically execute a man after having the affair."

Last week, Ms Templeton also posted photos of herself with her husband Andrew on Facebook.

"Feeling loved with Andrew Wilson," she wrote with a series of pictures of a family day out.

The photos, including two of the smiling, happy couple cheek-to-cheek.

The affair between the 59-year-old veteran MP and the councillor first came to light after Mrs Templeton was caught lying to her husband about being on a work trip to the north of England last October.

Ms Templeton was eventually forced to confess that she had, in fact, slipped away to London to enjoy a romantic weekend with dedicated Orangeman and Free Presbyterian Simpson, who was subsequently dubbed "Dirty Dave" by some disappointed church members.

In her letter to colleagues, Ms Templeton, who formerly worked in Mr Simpson's constituency office, thanked those who have prayed for her family and expressed her hope that "healing and reconciliation" will be possible as she continues to work through this "dark period" of her life.

Father-of-three Simpson - who left his family home in Portadown and took up residence in a plush bachelor pad in Gosford Castle after being confronted by Mrs Templeton's furious spouse - is also understood to be in the process of trying to patch up his 30-year marriage to wife Elaine.

Their daughter Leah shared pictures of the couple reading bedtime stories to their grandchildren last week.

Mr Simpson could not be contacted for comment.

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