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Northern Ireland's most prolific flasher gets more jail time


Jason Leonard Shaw leaving court. Credit: Liam McBurney/RAZORPIX

Jason Leonard Shaw leaving court. Credit: Liam McBurney/RAZORPIX

Jason Leonard Shaw leaving court. Credit: Liam McBurney/RAZORPIX

Northern Ireland's most prolific flasher will spend yet more time behind bars after being convicted of exposing himself for the 26th time.

Serial sex offender Jason Leonard Shaw - notorious for pleasuring himself in public and causing distress to women - was given a 10-month sentence at Craigavon Crown Court last week after pleading guilty to a single charge of exposing his genitals last September.

The judge also activated a suspended sentence put in place last year at Belfast Crown Court for a similar charge.

Her Honour Judge Donna McColgan reduced the suspended sentence from one year to six months, to run consecutively.

The 48-year-old is already in prison after being jailed last November for another exposure offence. Shaw is also on the sex offenders register for another 10 years.

Sunday Life is barred from publishing Shaw's address due a reporting restriction put in place under the Human Rights Act.

The apparently incurable sleazeball has a record for similar offences stretching back nearly 30 years, with another 20-plus other unrelated crimes also on his record. Shaw is currently languishing behind bars after being sentenced to 13 months for exposing himself to a woman in south Belfast in February last year.

At his sentencing hearing last November, Belfast Crown Court heard that a man with his face covered approached her car window.

After 30 seconds he ran away but came back several minutes later and exposed his penis and handled it in full view of the woman.

She blasted her car horn several times, causing Shaw to flee but she was left shaken by the ordeal.

After a photofit of the suspect was created by police an officer recognised Shaw and the victim also later picked him out in an identification procedure.

Shaw's barrister said his offending was linked to events in his childhood.

Jailing Shaw, Judge McFarland said the events were "unpleasant and shocking" for his victims, adding that any remorse expressed was "a little hollow". The creep was warned he risked being sent to jail during another regular appearance at Belfast Crown Court in May that year.

On that occasion he was handed a suspended sentence for exposing his genitals to two female Spanish students in his favoured preying patch near Queen's University.

A prosecution lawyer said the women were walking to Elmwood Hall when they saw a man "standing at the bus stop when he pulled down his underwear and exposed himself''.

The police were called and found Shaw in the grounds of a chapel on Derryvolgie Avenue.

Last year he was also fined for punching Sunday Life reporter Christopher Woodhouse outside Belfast's Laganside courts on the day he narrowly avoided jail after he was convicted of pleasuring himself outside a woman's living room window on Botanic Avenue in May 2015.

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