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Not Worth the worry

It was in the course of a convivial conversation over a pint in a Belfast pub that the hand grenade was thrown into the mix.

The usual football talk about the brilliance of Barcelona, Manchester United‘s lack of depth and the worrying decline of the Scottish game was obviously not strong enough debate.

Instead, emotions were suddenly ignited by this simple question: Why does current Northern Ireland boss Nigel Worthington get an easier ride from the media than previous manager Lawrie Sanchez?

It seems, or I was told, the perception amongst fans is that Worthington escapes criticism when it is warranted while Sanchez, who it’s claimed was more successful, came in for a torrent of abuse.

But is it not the case that both managers have received their fair share of criticism yet one made a song and dance about it while the other completely ignores flak or simply takes it on the chin?

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