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Pervert ex-cop admits DIY sex in Belfast Homebase

Perv pensioner walks free again after latest conviction


John Stanfield

John Stanfield

John Stanfield

A PERVERT ex-cop is still walking the streets despite being convicted of two new sex crimes and breaching a suspended prison sentence.

'Dirty' John Stanfield (83) was in Belfast Crown Court last week to admit openly rubbing his private parts at a Homebase DIY store and flaunting the terms of Sexual Offences Prevention Order.

But the pensioner was yet again freed on bail despite being one of the most prolific perverts in Northern Ireland.

Since 2010 'Dirty John' - as he is known to neighbours in the Rosetta area of south Belfast - has been convicted of a staggering 19 sex crimes. However, he has only spent a total of four weeks behind bars.

The former RUC man was told to come back to the Crown Court on November 28 for sentencing for his latest offence, which occurred in the aisle of Homebase on the Saintfield Road in June last year. The creep was seen shamelessly caressing his genitals by disgusted customers. They alerted staff who called police.

Stanfield, who is well-known to local PSNI officers as he is banned from entering parks and some supermarkets, was later arrested.

He was also in breach of his SOPO, which prevents him from being near anyone under the age of 18 without prior approval because he is considered such a risk.

The court, which last year suspended his two-year prison sentence for three years, made the order after Stanfield was caught touching himself in front of kids at a Tesco store in south Belfast.

He claimed he was scratching his psoriasis, but police inquiries found he had behaved in a similar fashion at a nearby Sainsbury's supermarket. Officers showed Stanfield CCTV footage of his lewd behaviour, but he denied any wrongdoing.

A court was later told the recordings clearly displayed the paedophile "actively seeking out children in the aisles" before acting indecently in their presence.

Stanfield was first put on the Sex Offenders' Register in 2010.

Two years later he was in the dock at Antrim Crown Court to be convicted of flashing kids at Castlerock beach near Portstewart and pleasuring himself in public.

Disgusted onlookers told police Stanfield had his hand down his trousers and was "playing with himself" and "shuffling".

Since then the pensioner has been in court more than a dozen times to answer new sex offence charges.

He picked up the 'Dirty John' nickname after buying Viagra-style pills from local teenage drug dealers.

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