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Pictured: Pervert on the prowl in Belfast Tesco


A Northern Ireland paedophile jailed for having a manual on how to abuse kids has been caught eyeing up an innocent little girl.

Gary Carruthers (35) stared intently at the primary school pupil as he skulked out of a Tesco supermarket in the centre of Belfast.

A Sunday Life reporter watched as the pervert spent Friday afternoon creeping about shops and hanging around child-friendly locations.

He had lunch in Burger King on the top floor of the CastleCourt shopping complex before visiting second-hand shops at the nearby Smithfield centre.

The route taken by former Co Down school caretaker Carruthers twice took him past a soft play area where families had gathered with their kids.

He then stopped off at Tesco, buying some groceries and staring at a young child as he walked out onto Royal Avenue.

The paedophile was accompanied by a woman who he met earlier in CastleCourt.

Carruthers was also in possession of a mobile phone, a potential breach of his Sexual Offences Prevention Order (SOPO), if it has internet capabilities.

The fiend is banned from having any device which allows him to go online and from contacting anyone under the age of 16.

The SOPO was imposed in January when Carruthers was sentenced to three years in prison for having 30,000 sickening images of children being abused, some of whom were just two years old.

The horrific photographs were contained in a paedophile manual explaining how to abuse children, called Producing Kiddie Porn for Dummies.

But because of time served on remand Carruthers walked free from Downpatrick Crown Court.

He was holed up in a Salvation Army hostel in the centre of Belfast which Sunday Life photographed him outside in March.

Paranoid about being recognised the paedophile always wears a grubby hoodie pulled up over his face, hiding his long black hair. He was dressed in this way when our reporter snapped him on Friday gazing longingly at a little girl.

When first arrested in 2015 Carruthers denied downloading child abuse images, telling detectives that he was innocent.

The pervert then produced a written statement admitting his guilt, saying: "I am deeply sorry for my actions. I do not wish to comment further."

Sentencing him Judge Sandra Crawford said he had been "caught red-handed" and the evidence against him was "overwhelming".

She also told Carruthers that he acted in a "vile and despicable fashion" and that his behaviour was "grotesque".

The sex beast was working at a Co Down school when he started downloading repulsive child abuse images in 2012 - three years before his arrest.

In an act of utter depravity, he superimposed pictures of pupils at his school onto the bodies of these kids, some of whom were being raped.

A second paedophile manual found by police in Carruthers' possession was entitled 'Child-lovin'.

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