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Pictured: The Belfast woman arrested during sex session in Italy

'Portofino Pirate' alleged to have stolen luxury motor boat arrested over crime spree during romp

Beautiful view of Portofino, Liguria, Italy
Beautiful view of Portofino, Liguria, Italy

By Ciaran Barnes

A NORTHERN Irish artist accused of trying to steal a yacht in Italy has revealed how she was arrested by police while in the middle of "wonderful hot sex" with a toyboy.

Larissa Watson was scooped after spending last Thursday at a court in Genova in connection with a crime spree during which she is alleged to have nicked a £130,000 luxury motor boat.

Writing on social media (right), the 50-year-old, who denies any wrongdoing, said: "The other night after a horrible day in court in Genova, and afternoon of being forced to talk about painful things with a journalist, I met a lovely man.

"(We) Went to bed and in the middle of wonderful hot sex, been too long, the phone rings and I'm called out and taken away by police for no reason, no excuse.

"I was just removed from a lovely guy and a good night and kept in the police station until morning, and not charged or interviewed or accused."

As well as being accused of trying to steal a yacht, Mrs Watson is said to have conned high-end Italian hotels and restaurants, failing to pay her bills before disappearing out of sight.

She was arrested in June after reportedly climbing on board an unmanned motorboat in the luxury Portofino resort and speeding out of the harbour.

This led to the mother-of-four being dubbed the 'Portofino Pirate' by the Italian media.

Mrs Watson was living in Belfast until February when she suddenly quit her life here and moved to southern Europe.

She was reported missing by worried relatives only to turn up on the front pages of Italian newspapers weeks later. Referring to the suspected yacht theft incident, Captain Simone Clemente, of the Italian military police, said: "She was brought back to the quay where police were waiting. Initially she refused to get off but soon surrendered."

Larissa Watson
Larissa Watson

Accusing Mrs Watson of fraud at Italian hotels, Captain Clemente added: "One night she wandered into a hotel in La Spezia, pretended to be a guest and got a key, then fled the next day after she was found sleeping in a room. We Googled her and thought she was carrying out some kind of artistic experiment. We then learnt her family had reported her missing in May. After her arrest, she told the British embassy she did not want to go home."

Two days before the alleged boat theft, Mrs Watson is reported to have fled after having a €100 beauty treatment in the Ligurian resort of Santa Margherita.

"When she was arrested she had no cards, no money and a photocopy of her passport," said Captain Clemente.

"She had a change of clothes in a backpack and might have been sleeping rough. That said, she was well turned out, although that's because she had been to the beauty parlour."

Born in England, Mrs Watson moved to Belfast as a child before attending the University of Ulster's School of Art and Design.

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