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Pictured: The orangeman whose drunk dancing at Shania Twain gig landed him in cell


By John Toner

THIS is the Co Armagh Orangeman who was booted out of a Shania Twain concert in Dublin for his drunken dancing.

Tandragee shopkeeper Paul Wilson (57), pictured here for the first time, was ejected from the country music legend's show at the 3Arena on Thursday, September 27.

During Twain's set security staff reported Mr Wilson's behaviour had begun "affecting" the enjoyment of his fellow country music fans.

Mr Wilson admitted to standing in a seated area and swearing at security personnel but claimed he was stunned when garda officers escorted him out of the venue and believes his arrest and charge was over the top.

After spending a night in the cells he appeared before Dublin District Court the following day where a judge told him he was "a bit long in the tooth to be carrying on like that" but spared him from a criminal record on the condition he donated €200 to charity.

Paul Wilson enjoying a slice of watermelon

Earlier this week Mr Wilson told the Belfast Telegraph: "I was just dancing, I was enjoying the music and a steward came up and told me to sit down.

"There was a standing area at the concert and I was in the seated area but I wasn't in anyone's way or stopping anyone from seeing the concert.

"It wasn't as if we were standing the whole time blocking people's views; we were up dancing during a couple of songs and then sat down again once the chorus was over.

"That steward was a real jobsworth who took umbrage at me for some reason - there was overkill there, but what can you do?

"I probably reacted a bit stupidly, told him I was only enjoying the concert and I accept I probably used a swear word or two, but that was the height of it.

He asked me to leave the concert and I told him I wasn't going to do that because I hadn't done anything wrong. He left and came back with the guards."

A sergeant told Dublin District Court Mr Wilson was "difficult and obstructive".

After being escorted from the venue halfway through the show, the Orangeman, a member of Ballyrea LOL 309, says he won't be going to any more gigs in Dublin.

He added: "I never opened my mouth to them, never said a word to them. They took me down to the station, they put me in a cell.

"When they let me out they told me I'd been charged and I'd have to go to court, it was a matter of a slap on the wrist and that will be it.

"I said that was fine, so I went to court and suddenly there was a whole list of things being read out about disorderly, resisting arrest etc - all of which didn't happen but what could I do, you can't argue with what the guards say?

"I know one thing, I'll never be at a concert in Dublin again, but it won't stop me from going to concerts or enjoying myself."

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