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‘Queen of Pain’ Angela Cosgrave rakes in £100k from Belfast brothels

Brothel madam rakes in a fortune managing a string of Belfast vice dens and working as ‘Queen of Pain’

By Sarah Henderson

MIDDLE-CLASS brothel madam Angela Cosgrave was raking in more than £100,000 per year from her sex for sale empire.

The 31-year-old Banbridge born woman told her partner and friends she was studying for an Open University degree while managing a string of vice dens across Belfast and working as a self-styled “Queen of Pain” escort  — “the strictest mistress in town.”

Her former pimp, who we can’t name for legal reasons, told an undercover reporter that Cosgrave made £2,000 a week as his hardest working prostitute.

Since taking control of his empire she would have been making much more from her percentage of the earnings of some 10 local prostitutes who worked for her.

Last weekend a year long Sunday Life investigation exposed the well-groomed businesswoman was running a money-spinning prostitution racket. We secretly recorded the pretty redhead revealing “she looks after the business side of things”, employs office staff at a house on Belfast’s Malone Road and continues to see clients herself as a call girl.

Our reporter first encountered Cosgrave — also known as Angela Boyle — at a brothel in south Belfast a year ago. At the time she showed the undercover reporter around a makeshift dungeon and massage room. Police later closed down that vice den.

We can reveal that Angela, who was then in a relationship with a well known businessman who didn’t have a clue about his girlfriend’s secret job, was described as “the main girl” working in the brothel.

Another man involved in the prostitution ring told us at the time: “She’s the main girl, because she works the most hours, and therefore makes the most money.

“She grosses about £2,000 a week.”

Working under the name ‘Megan’, Cosgrave said at the time: “I do most of the weekdays, 10.30am to 5.30pm. I enjoy it, and you get to know some of the clients very well.

“I think by this stage now, most of mine are regulars.

“Everyone gets on well here, as long as you change and wash the bedding and uniforms after you use it, I won’t have a problem with you.”

Advertised online as ‘Mistress Megan’, one post on a free classified site showed her dressed in PVC and stockings, claiming: “The queen of pain is also the strictest mistress in town.”

Another, which showed her dressed in a policewoman costume, with a pink whip in her hand, said: “This policewoman is hot stuff and totally arresting. Report to her today and have your details taken down. And much, much more naturally.”

She told our reporter: “I don’t tell anyone what I do. No-one knows. I work day times so I can get away with it.”

That brothel was closed by cops but when Sunday Life caught up with Cosgrave again months later she presented herself as the boss of an busy sex-for-sale agency, running a team of girls working from smart apartments through her ‘Premier Escorts NI’ agency.

It was in her latest role as a brothel madam that our reporter met her in a south Belfast hotel after replying to an online advert posted on an adult website looking for office staff for a “busy escort agency”.

Describing how the agency is run mainly by herself, Angela said: “We have two teams. Now if you were starting you would be on Anne’s team, which needs extra staff.

“At the minute she has four girls — five this week because there is a new girl starting. The other girl who looks after a team is Claire.

“I still see some clients a day, and obviously I also look after the business side of things so that’s why I have staff to look after the girls.”

Telling our reporter she would get paid up to £125 a shift as a receptionist, Angela said the role would involve working between the hours of 10am to 10pm.

She added: “The girls you are booking clients in for aren’t in the same house — they will be somewhere else.

“So you won’t be able to finish your shift until the girl lets you know the client has gone.”

Sources close to the sex industry say that she would have likely been making much more than £2,000 a week running her own “established, upscale and female-owned” escort agency.

“If she was earning £2,000 herself from selling sex she would be making more from running a string of girls, taking a cut of their earnings as well as whatever she continued to earn herself from clients,” one said.




KINKY STUFF: Banbridge born Angela Cosgrave strips off and gets her whip ready and (right) drinking Champagne


SEEDY: Angela Cosgrave, who advertised herself as ‘Mistress’ Megan’ and (top) some ‘equipment’  in her south Belfast brothel

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