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Robinson shoots back

Iris Robinson’s youngest son has spoken out about the “hurt, stress and pain” he feels the media has caused his family.

Castlereagh DUP councillor Gareth Robinson — who sits on the board of the Hanwood Trust — vented his rage when we contacted him to ask about the resignation of ex-UDA prisoner ‘Tinker’ Taylor’s from the community group.

One of our reporters phoned Gareth last Wednesday to ask if he knew why Tinker had quit. But even before our reporter got to mention Tinker Taylor, Gareth — plainly seething over reports about his mother’s affair with toyboy Kirk McCambley and reports about his parents’ finances — lit on him.

The reporter simply asked Gareth was he still on the board of the Hanwood Trust.

“What’s it got to do with you for?” snapped the 30-year-old, who was his dad’s Parliamentary assistant in East Belfast before Alliance’s Naomi Long dramatically won the seat in May.

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