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Shock at Belfast KFC as man who dismembered girlfriend queues for lunch

Stephen Scott
Stephen Scott
Ciaran Barnes

By Ciaran Barnes

Diners at a popular fast food restaurant have spoken of their shock at seeing one of Northern Ireland’s most depraved killers queuing at the counter.

Stephen ‘Bulldog’ Scott, who murdered and dismembered pregnant girlfriend Sylvia Fleming (17) in a crime that shocked Northern Ireland, has become a regular visitor to KFC on Belfast’s Boucher Road.

Customers told Sunday Life of their shock at seeing him queuing for chicken lunches looking like he had not a care in the world.

“Scott was standing there bold as brass. People were staring at him and he must have known he had been recognised, but he didn’t care,” said one diner who provided Sunday Life with photos of the notorious murderer.

Evil bodybuilder Scott (45) was back in KFC for more food last week and was again pictured by disgusted members of the public.

One dad who gave this newspaper a series of images said: “He was with a woman and they must have known they were being stared at.

“It’s as if Scott was enjoying the attention, although no one said anything to him for obvious reasons.

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“The murder he was convicted of is sickening.”

Scott was recently released from Maghaberry Prison after serving a 19-year jail term for the 1998 murder of his pregnant teenage girlfriend Sylvia Fleming in Omagh.

StephenScott -001.jpg
Sylvia Fleming who was butchered by depraved psycho Stephen 'Bulldog' Scott

He chopped her body into eight pieces and buried the various parts under the floorboards of partially built houses in the town.

The killing caused such public revulsion that there were three nights of rioting, with the families of suspects being burnt out of their homes.

Scott later admitted plying Sylvia with alcohol and sleeping pills before tying her to a bed. She was blindfolded, injected with insulin and later smothered.

The psycho then hacksawed his young victim’s body into eight pieces and buried each part wrapped in sacks in a nearby building site in the town.

It was a further eight weeks before Sylvia’s body was found and Scott was arrested.

Earlier this year he was pictured strutting around half-naked outside his mother’s house in Warrenpoint. He fled the town soon after and is now understood to be holed up at a Probation Service-approved location in Belfast.

Speaking about his release, Josie Fleming, the sister of murder victim Sylvia, said: “That man should never, ever be released because he committed such a cruel, cruel thing. He’ll be able to start a new life for himself while Sylvia can’t grow old.

“You never can come to terms with what happened. We’re learning to live with it but we’ll never, ever get over it.”

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