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Son of UVF man rips down SAS flag at Twaddell protest camp in Belfast

By Ciaran Barnes

The son of a UVF gunman shot dead by the Army stunned loyalist protesters by ripping down an SAS flag from the Twaddell protest camp.

Police who saw Robert Robinson trying to tear up the flag on Friday night thought he was a republican and rushed to make an arrest.

But they backed off after loyalists at the scene intervened.

A witness said: “The police assumed Robert was a republican trying to steal flags. If was only when others intervened that they backed off.

“If it had been anyone else who took down the flag there would have been a mini-riot.”

Robert Robinson is the son of UVF assassin Brian Robinson who was killed by the SAS-trained Army’s 14th Intelligence in 1989.

A PSNI spokeswoman confirmed the flag incident occurred, but said no arrests or complaints have been made.

In the wake of Friday night’s events the Shankill UVF is reviewing whether to continue to fly SAS flags.

The Shankill Protestant Boys flute-band marched with one during its parade on the Twelfth.

Brian Robinson’s killing by members of the army’s 14th Intelligence is one of the most controversial of the Troubles.

They watched as the UVF gunman murdered Catholic Paddy McKenna at the Ardoyne shops before ramming his motorcycle on the Crumlin Road and shooting him dead.

It has been claimed the killing was allowed to take place so the Army could say it was targeting both republicans and loyalists evenly.

At the time the security forces were coming under huge pressure over republican shoot-to-kill allegations.

The night before the McKenna murder the UVF hit-team of Brian Robinson and Davy McCullough were told they would be using a motorcycle rather than a car.

This had led to speculation within loyalist circles that the men were set-up by an informant who knew of the Army’s plan to ram their motorbike.

After news of Brian Robinson’s death reached his elderly mother Margaret she dropped dead of a massive heart attack.

The UVF commemorate his killing every September with a huge loyalist parade on the Shankill Road.


SHOT BY ARMY: Brian Robinson

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