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Carl Frampton

Global superstar Katie Taylor should only settle for top billing at Croke Park for her next fight

Carl Frampton


Katie Taylor celebrates her big win over Amanda Serrano at Madison Square Garden

Katie Taylor celebrates her big win over Amanda Serrano at Madison Square Garden

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Katie Taylor lands a blow on Amanda Serrano

Katie Taylor lands a blow on Amanda Serrano



Katie Taylor celebrates her big win over Amanda Serrano at Madison Square Garden

I always expected it to be a good fight between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano, but what they produced at Madison Square Garden last week was simply incredible.

I was hopeful Katie would win, but I wasn’t too sure. Serrano was actually the favourite going in and that may have been down to Katie’s past couple of performances which hadn’t been as good as we’ve seen before, and that maybe she was slowing down.

It turned out to be a great advertisement for boxing as it was a great fight and also very close.

It was really hard to score, one of those where a draw or a round or two either way you couldn’t complain about, but Katie just came out on the right side of it and I think she did enough to deserve it.

Sometimes these huge fights don’t live up to the hype. I know myself that when I fought Scott Quigg in a big unification, the fight itself was probably terrible to watch for the neutrals. Mayweather-Pacquiao wasn’t great when it happened either, but this lived up to all expectations and more.

The atmosphere seemed incredible and Katie brought a lot of fans with her, while Serrano had a huge Puerto Rican support in New York, just like Miguel Cotto used to get when he fought at the Garden, and it seemed they all wanted to come out and show their support.

Katie has done everything she can in the sport. There is nothing left for her to achieve now and I’m sure she has money in the bank. If I were her, the only thing that would appeal to me now is a Croke Park rematch with Serrano. I think that’s really achievable as they would put at least 60,000 in there, but if Croke Park is out of the equation, what else does she need to do as she’s done everything at this stage?

She is arguably the No.1 Irish fighter of all time, but I always find those arguments hard to make as I really don’t like comparing different eras of fighters, never mind women and men.

Certainly she is in the conversation and, as it stands, the No.1 pound-for-pound female on the planet.

There has been some debate as to whether women’s boxing should move from 10 to 12 rounds, or even if the rounds should be increased to three minutes instead of two.

It’s such a difference between fighting for 10 two-minute rounds instead of 12 threes as the rest to work ratio is much lower.

Personally, I’d prefer to see 10 three-minute rounds rather than 12 of two minutes, although as it stands a fight is a sprint.

You still need to be incredibly fit to fight hard for those 20 minutes, but the increase would change the dynamic a bit and will suit some. Women are training to fight for two-minute rounds at present, but you feel it will eventually have to change.

World champion Chantelle Cameron trained alongside me and would have sparred three-minute rounds, worked the bag for three minutes and I’d imagine most women are doing that so the two minutes come a little easier in a fight.

Bernard Dunne IABA exit is a disaster

The timing of Bernard Dunne’s resignation as High Performance Director at the IABA couldn’t have come at a worse time with the Women’s World Championships and Men’s European Championships starting.

People talk about the political side of professional boxing, but the amateur game is mad when it comes to cliques and in-fighting.

I was part of the High Performance in the early days after Gary Keegan started it and the tension between the High Performance Unit and IABA always seemed to exist.

That rift has never been sorted out but it’s something that urgently needs to be fixed.

There can be no denying that since the High Performance Unit came into being in 2003, the medal tally has been night and day than it was before the High Performance came into being. For the benefit of Irish boxing, the rifts need to be fixed.

Charlo against Castano a cracker

We are starting to see a lot more unifications in boxing and fights for undisputed, so it’s great to see another one coming up this week in California between Jermell Charlo and Brian Carlos Castano for the undisputed light middleweight title.

Both are good fighters and this is a rematch of a draw between the pair from last summer, so it should be another excellent fight.

I like both of the Charlos and also Castano who had an unbelievable fight with Erislandy Lara that ended in a draw. He wasn’t too well known a few years ago so has come from nowhere a bit.

Sometimes a rematch doesn’t live up to the hype, especially if it’s been a tough first fight it can be a little tamer, but I think this will be another good one.

I hope Zach Parker still gets shot at Andrade

I was looking forward to the Demetrius Andrade versus Zach Parker fight in Derby this month, so it was disappointing to hear Andrade has had to withdraw due to a shoulder injury. Hopefully, it can be rescheduled for another date.

I don’t know what the bookies were saying ahead of that fight, but I actually fancied Parker. Although Andrade has competed and done well at world level, won world titles at light-middleweight and middleweight, I just feel Zach Parker is a bit too fresh and big for him.

Andrade was bidding to become a three-weight world champion and when you hear that, you think of the very elite of the sport. While he is a very good fighter, I wouldn’t put him in the same bracket as a Morales, Barera or names like that.

Still, I was looking forward to the fight but what you find when a fight is postponed at times is someone else steps in and I would really prefer to see this one rescheduled.

Josh Kelly has a lot to prove

Josh Kelly is back this Friday after his loss to David Avanesyan last year.

It all went a bit quiet after that loss against a really good fighter in Avanesyan, but it seems it was a tough one for him to take. I’m excited for him coming back as he is a quality fighter and it’s a shame he’s been out so long. Hopefully, he can get going again as he is very capable of winning a world title.

He could do with cleaning up domestically first as when you get that world title opportunity, you want to have had tough fights to get you ready for it and not just gifted the chance.

He’s already had that tough fight against Avanesyan and there are more out there at British level, so if he can come through this week against Xhuljo Vrenozi and a few more, then he may well be ready for that title shot.

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