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Carl Frampton

Guitar lessons, Egyptian studies, Freddy Krueger and showing a ram who’s boss — another normal week in the Frampton household...

Carl Frampton


Carl Frampton and his family

Carl Frampton and his family

Carl Frampton and his family

In his weekly column Carl Frampton describes what it is has been for his family in lockdown.


We had a bit of a lie-in last Sunday until the kids, Rossa and Carla, came in to see us.

We had some breakfast and then went for a walk to the Duneight Motte, which isn’t too far from us.

I’m doing most of the cooking, so I did a proper Sunday roast dinner, which went down well. We’ve been trying to introduce a few classic movies to the kids, so Big Daddy and Crocodile Dundee were the choices.

In the afternoon, I went for a 5-mile run and Carla set the pace as she went out on her bike with me along the country roads, which now have a lot more people out running along them than ever before.

Then in the evening, I worked on my new goal of learning the guitar. I’ve got an app and a guy who also helps me with it. Christine bought me a guitar 10 years ago and I never got around to learning it. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and now I’m going for it. I’d love to be able to play a few tunes and sing some songs because I love singing. I was bashing my head against the wall a bit trying to sort out moving from chord A to D while trying to play Chuck Berry’s ‘You never Can Tell’ and BB King’s ‘When Love Comes To Town’.


Monday started off like every day now during the week as Christine has had the routine running like clockwork.

The kids got up and dressed properly, had their breakfast and got stuck into their schoolwork. I helped Rossa with his Phonics, learning his sounds, so he say certain words, while Christine helped Carla with her Egypt project. Christine has been doing a great job — I think she may have found a new vocation because Carla gives her 10 out of 10 as a teacher. Rossa likes to learn but he also enjoys sneaking off and looking at scary things on YouTube and gave me some inspiration when I caught him watching ‘Creepy clown prank on your wife while she is sleeping’.

He told me he wanted to go to America for his birthday to some Halloween shop that sells Freddy Krueger claws. How he found out about Freddy Krueger, I don’t know.

I did my bag work on Monday. That consisted of some shadow boxing as a warm-up with dumbbells and then one round of lead hand only, so using my jab, and then the second round punching long and the third round working in the pocket and just repeat that for rounds four, five and six. With the gym I have in the garage, I’m able to maintain a good level of fitness, which should keep me in a good place.


Weights day for me so, after working with the kids in the morning, I put in a good shift in the garage.

I have dumbbells up to 30kg and a full squat rack, so I do two full body weight sessions a week and the first focuses more on the upper body and the second on the lower. It’s a bit strange just doing it by yourself but, at the same time, I know it will pay off when the time comes to return to camp.

In the afternoon, I found myself in a Mexican stand-off with some rams. We did our usual walk to the Motte but somebody had left the gate open and these rams had wondered in, so I found myself staring at one of them for about 10 seconds and then waving him back in.

I had to tell Rossa to get back because at one point, I was expecting this ram with big horns to headbutt me but, in the end, my herding skills seemed to work.


I did my big run of the week, doing seven miles and I was very pleased with how it went.

Usually when I start back doing longer runs, I feel the pain in my hips but because I’ve been ticking over, it felt good.

I actually enjoyed it more, probably because of this lockdown, everyone is desperate to get out.

That night, I served up a treat for the family — home-made fish and chips. Even though I say it myself, you can’t beat my chunky chips. The secret is to cook them three times, taking them in and out and letting them cool and then putting them back in. The fish was good, too — fresh cod lightly dusted with herbs and pan-fried.

Carla said the chips were even better than McDonald’s, so that’ll do for me as a recommendation.

We finished off the night by watching Ghostbusters.


I did my good deed for the week on Thursday because a friend of ours, who’s a carer for the elderly, was running low on hand sanitiser gel. I had managed to buy a five litre bottle of it, so I was able to drive to her house and go around the back and fill up a sports bottle that she had left out and also leave off some groceries.

Then it was off to my mum and dad and a few of my uncles to drop off some sanitiser for them. I’ve been using it so much myself that my hands look like the sole of an OAP’s foot (left).

Lasagne from the local butcher was for dinner and it was class. We all made Easter cards and I thought mine was the best, though Carla’s vote went to Christine’s.


It was the last day before the official Easter break from school and Carla and Rossa had got all their work done, so they could chill out a bit more.

Carla likes to look on YouTube at this family who’ve made a fortune out of doing things with slime but, in fairness to her, she is also a great reader and is working her way through the Harry Potter series. She loves her history as well, which I encourage because I loved it at school, too.

I remember in third year at Glengormley High, we had a great teacher, Mr Middleton, who used to stand on the desk and wave his big stick around as he pretended to enact the Battle of Hastings. I got 92% in the exam — top of the year — but, like an idiot, instead of doing it for GCSE, I chose Business Studies because I thought I would own an electrical business if boxing didn’t work out. I got a D and I know I’d have got an A for History. I finished off Friday with my second weights session of the week and then served up a nice homemade chicken curry and rice.

Overall, we’re not doing too bad in the Frampton Big Brother house.

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