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'I just don't see it': Jamie Moore explains why size difference won't be a benefit to Jamel Herring when he takes on Carl Frampton


Carl Frampton with trainer Jamie Moore

Carl Frampton with trainer Jamie Moore

Carl Frampton with trainer Jamie Moore

Size often matters in boxing but coach Jamie Moore is convinced that Carl Frampton will be the one holding all the aces in that department and not 5ft 10' Jamel Herring.

WBO world super-featherweight champion Herring will stand around five inches taller than the Jackal and is seen as the natural 9st 4 fighter with the Belfast man moving up a division at the tail end of his career.

Frampton coach Moore is adamant, though, that the 34-year-old Belfast man will not be at any disadvantage - believing the timing of the fight for their respective careers is bad news for Herring.

"When Carl first talked about wanting to move up and go for a third weight world title, I knew that it had to be the right guy and the style for it to be worth looking at. When you look at Herring, he is a very tall guy who fought at a higher weight in the amateurs who is boiling down to fight Carl and I know just how making weight can deplete you. It has to be the same for Herring," said Moore, speaking exclusively to Sunday Life Sport.

"As you go along in your career, it becomes harder to make weight but for Carl moving up a division, that is not an issue for him. But it will be for Herring and if he is tight at the weight then that plays into our hands.

"Herring is not someone who by nature pushes you around. He is technically good but then so is Carl. Herring punches hard but is not a massive puncher and, as good a fighter as Herring is, I believe that his style suits Carl who is very good boxing southpaws. So if people think that the size difference is going to play a big part in Herring's favour, I just don't see it."

Instead, Moore believes that former world super-bantam and featherweight champion Frampton has the strength and class to dominate the fight.

"It's about Carl dictating the tempo and I know he can do that. He can make Herring fight on his terms and if he does that then I am confident that in the latter stages of the fight, Herring's body will start to really feel it," added Moore.

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