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I’ll send statement to entire division after dropping to light-middleweight, vows Caoimhin Agyarko


Caoimhin Agyarko feels like he has the same energy at light-middleweight

Caoimhin Agyarko feels like he has the same energy at light-middleweight

Anthony Fowler tangles with Poland’s Lukasz Maciec

Anthony Fowler tangles with Poland’s Lukasz Maciec

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Caoimhin Agyarko feels like he has the same energy at light-middleweight

Caoimhin Agyarko has been happy to describe himself as a work in progress and the latest step comes this Saturday night when he enters the ring as a light-middleweight for the first time as a professional.

The unbeaten Belfast man takes on Lukasz Maciec for the WBA international title, having already bagged the middleweight belt during his run of 11 straight wins.

But Agyarko revealed that it was after his successful defence of the WBA international title against Juan Carlos Rubio  that the 25-year-old was advised that it was time to drop down a division.

Agyarko’s natural fiery aggression has been praised by his promoter Eddie Hearn but the Matchroom Boxing boss clearly felt that he could be even more potent at light-middle.

“Ever since I turned professional it has been something that my team have mentioned but I never really thought I needed to move down and I didn’t know if I could make it comfortably,” said Agyarko.

“But after my last fight the team said they felt I should go down and I just thought, ‘Why not?’ and I’m glad I did because I’m smashing the weight. I’m on a proper diet, made a few changes and now I feel like a real monster.

“For this one I have struggled to get sparring partners and I don’t know why — well, I do I suppose!

“Sparring has been great and I feel like I have the same energy that I always had. My sparring partners have been feeling it. I’m carrying the power down to light-middleweight so I want to go out there and make a big statement to the division.”

Agyarko admits to be being a bit “cranky” because he’s working that little bit harder to make light-middleweight, including a reduction in his intake.

“The diet has had to shift. For example, instead of six litres a day I’m down to four litres and after training I’ve cut out the carbs which means I do get a bit moody,” added Agyarko.

“So the carbs have been reduced and the protein has gone up a bit and I’m really looking forward to Saturday night.”

As for Maciec, Agyarko is expecting a decent examination as the Pole has been the distance with former WBA international champion Anthony Fowler.

“I think this is another good fight for me. Fowler didn’t have things his own way against him so for my first fight at light-middleweight it will be a good test and that’s what I want. I want to keep taking steps up,” said Agyarko.

“I’ve been working on a few things in the gym after my last fight and that includes punching in threes and fours rather than loading up too much. The way I’ve been sparring has given me a lot of confidence because of the move down a weight. I just want to go out now and show everyone that I’m a big threat at light-middle.

“I’m currently ranked at 10 by the WBA as a middleweight so hopefully I can get the win here, take the belt and that world ranking will then go into the light-middleweight ratings.

“I just need to stay busy and that’s the plan. I would hope that all being well I’ll have a fight again in October and then we can look ahead to a very big 2023. The European title is one that I’d love to win because it shows you where you are in the world.”

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