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I'm happy to see my name cleared: Matt



Relieved: Matthew Fitzpatrick

Relieved: Matthew Fitzpatrick

Relieved: Matthew Fitzpatrick

Antrim footballer Matthew Fitzpatrick has broken his silence on how he was treated by the GAA's disciplinary processes, following a week when he successfully overturned a 48-week suspension on the charge of 'misleading the Association'.

The St John's man, who was able to take the field for the Saffrons' defeat to Donegal on Sunday, said: "I won my appeal, it was an allegation. You don't want that beside your name. I am glad that my name is cleared."

He also spoke about the stress of the process. He said: "People have a point when they are saying it can affect you. But in my own head, I think I will be alright. It was a nightmare week, don't get me wrong. My head was working overtime, but now I am just glad it is over.

"The reason I did not say anything before the match is because I didn't want people thinking I was making excuses or feeling sorry for me.

"It was frying my head. Now that it is over, I am content."

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