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Irish FA President David Martin in the running to become next FIFA Vice-President


Irish FA president David Martin

Irish FA president David Martin

Irish FA president David Martin

Irish FA President David Martin will allow his name to go forward again for the prestigious position of FIFA Vice-President next year.

The role has become vacant after England's Greg Clarke resigned over his use of "unacceptable" language when referring to black players while giving evidence to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee last Tuesday.

Clarke, has also stepped down as FA Chairman.

The Englishman defeated Martin by 37 votes to 18 in a two-man contest last year for the right to be the Home Nations Vice-President.

But now the position is open again for Martin to stake his claim and gain support.

Nominations need to be submitted by January 2 to Uefa, who then holds a congress in Lausanne on March 2.

FIFA has eight Vice-President positions and one is traditionally reserved for a member of the Home Nations.

If Martin is successful he would be office for two years.

He would also join a select band as former Irish FA Presidents, Harry Cavan and Jim Boyce, have previously served as Fifa vice-presidents.

A source said: "The English will be desperate to try and keep hold of the position and are likely to put forward a representative.

"The Scots and Welsh are also free to put a name forward for consideration.

"However, David did very well, gained decent support and as he put his name forward last time, there are those who believe it should be his turn to receive the nomination."

Martin is coming to the end of his Irish FA presidency. He was elected President in 2016 shortly after the Euro finals in France. Under his watch, new look Windsor Park has opened up and the Irish FA have been awarded the Super Cup by UEFA.

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