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Lafferty was a Twit to have a go at Lenny

Northern Ireland striker Kyle Lafferty admits that he regrets taunting Celtic boss Neil Lennon on Twitter.

The Rangers star also hit out at the “sickening” hate campaign against Lennon which has seen him targeted by death threats, postal bombs and subject to an attack by a fan at Tynecastle.

Lafferty clashed with the Lurgan-born Hoops boss on the Ibrox touchline following a 2-0 SPL win for the Parkhead club on January 2.

Lennon gave Lafferty a verbal volley in response to a gloating Twitter message the Ibrox striker wrote in October on the back of the derby win for Rangers at Parkhead.

He tweeted: ‘Sweet o very sweet. Hahaha lennon lennon. What's the score hahaha.'

Lafferty conceded that the Celtic boss was justified in retaliating and he sympathised with Lennon for what he had to endure last|season.

“I wrote something on Twitter about Neil I probably should not have, I accept that,” said Lafferty.

“A lot of people saw it and the damage was done. So, I think he had a right to have a pop back at me. If it had been the other way around I would have done it.

“What has happened to Neil Lennon has been sickening.

“We have had our differences but I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

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