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Linfield send rivals Glentoran letter over intention to talk to Robbie McDaid about Windsor Park move


Glentoran striker Robbie McDaid

Glentoran striker Robbie McDaid

Glentoran striker Robbie McDaid

Premiership champions Linfield sent an official letter to Glentoran last week detailing their intention to communicate with Robbie McDaid about a pre-contract deal.

The move is seen as significant by insiders as the 25-year-old is out of contract with the Glens on June 30, leaving him free to join the Blues or any other club.

McDaid was banished from the first team at The Oval last month after it became clear he would not be putting pen to paper on a new deal with the East Belfast club.

The Omagh man has long been thought to be joining his partner in England and playing football there, but the mood music suggests Windsor Park is the likely destination now.

Should McDaid make the switch he would be following in the footsteps of Navid Nasseri and Conor Pepper, who joined the Blues the day after Glentoran won the Irish Cup in July 2020.

The double switch left relations between the two Belfast clubs strained, and there have been subtle digs and swipes across the city ever since.

Glentoran sent a letter to Linfield earlier this year announcing their intention to speak to Blues striker Christy Manzinga, who is out of contract this summer and expected to leave south Belfast.

Sources at Windsor Park dismissed the move as vexatious at the time but have denied suggestions they are trying to antagonise Glentoran boss Mick McDermott, insisting privately their letter of intent is 100 per cent genuine and necessary if they want to sign McDaid on a pre-contract deal.

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