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Man arrested over alleged £200k Irish FA fraud

By Stephen Looney

The Irish FA has been rocked by another financial fiasco after it was discovered that a six-figure sum has disappeared from the Association's coffers.

The IFA closed ranks yesterday and remained tight-lipped on the £200,000 matter, but Sunday Life understands the issue is being viewed as alleged fraud. The PSNI has been called in and a member of staff has been arrested.

A scheduled IFA Executive Board meeting will take place on Thursday evening, with members expecting to receive an update on the affair.

"It was discovered that there were financial discrepancies within the association and the matter is now in the hands of the police," said an IFA insider.

When contacted by Sunday Life about the alleged missing funds, an Irish FA spokesperson simply said 'no comment'.

PSNI detective inspector Carol Dane confirmed: "Police have received a report of fraud and enquiries are continuing.

"A man was arrested in connection to the incident and has been released on police bail pending further enquiries."

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