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Carl Frampton

Sean McComb has potential to be two-weight world champ

Carl Frampton


Sean McComb © AMMG Sports/Chris Scott

Sean McComb © AMMG Sports/Chris Scott

AMMG Sports/Chris Scott

Sean McComb © AMMG Sports/Chris Scott

Sean McComb wanted to make a big statement and he delivered at the Ulster Hall last weekend.

McComb moved up in class when he was matched with Mauro Maximiliano Godoy and he rose to the occasion.

Godoy was supposed to give him some problems but Sean won every round and made it look easy. That was at light-welterweight and the scary thing is that he will be even more dangerous as a lightweight.

Some have questioned whether or not he can be strong at the lighter division and that's understandable because he's 6ft tall but I believe him when he says he was making light-welter easily because he has never looked gaunt on the scales.

He's really freakish at the weight and going down to lightweight, he will give anyone a tough night.

After what I saw against Godoy, I really believe he can go on and win a world title and not just at lightweight but light-welter as well when the time comes to move up. I must say I'm really excited about watching how he is matched and how far he can go in this business.

His next fight will be at lightweight and another good test should then push him towards a possible British title shot. He has to be knocking on the door of that kind of opportunity already - he just has to establish himself at lightweight.

What really impressed me about his performance was just how relaxed he looked. I had said in this column two weeks ago that he had to embrace the fact he was the headline act for the first time in a sold-out Ulster Hall and that's exactly what he did.

It was a performance from someone you would think was having their 20th fight, not their 10th. He was switched on the whole time, he was patient and had clearly learned from the mistakes of his previous fight. That's what you want to see in a top prospect.

He systematically broke Godoy down. The guy couldn't lay a glove on him and he broke the Argentinian's jaw, which led to his corner retiring him.

After announcing that he is moving down a division, there was immediately some talk about a fight with Gary Cully, who won the vacant Irish lightweight title with his stoppage win against Joe Fitzpatrick.

But that is a fight that would be wasted if it was to be for the Irish title. It would make more financial sense for both men to go their own individual way towards the world scene and then have a huge fight down the line. A Belfast man against a Dubliner, possibly for a world title, would be massive.

Incredibly, Cully is even taller than McComb at 6ft 3in and he's also going to be a handful for anyone at the weight purely because of his dimensions.

I really rate Cully, he looks very good - and he punches long, so he can generate a lot of power. He also has coach Pete Taylor in his corner which is a big plus.

It's exciting times for both McComb and Cully and I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere down the line they can help each other earn a big pay-day.

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