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WAG Tales: Kirsty McCollum

Ruth Gorman gets up and close with the WAGS

NAME: Kirsty McCollum.

PARTNER: Girlfriend of Ulster and Ireland rugby player Tommy Bowe.

AGE: 21.

WHAT DO YOU DO? Final year student at University of Ulster Jordanstown studying Property Investment and Development. Play hockey for Pegasus.

WHERE YOU MET? We met at school. Neither of us really fancied each other at the start but decided to go out a couple of times anyway! We thought he was going away somewhere to university so there was no point in pursuing anything but when he got offered the Ulster contract that all changed and we actually realised we really liked each other.

WHAT'S IT LIKE SEEING TOMMY ON BILLBOARDS? The first time I saw it I thought, 'I know that person' and then I realised it was him! It is really weird because I see him every day and then I drive past his picture!

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN TOMMY'S PLAYING RUGBY? I always go to the matches. There's a team room where all the wives, girlfriends and families of the Ulster players can go with a free bar and food so we all meet in there. When Tommy's playing for Ireland I get to go to all the functions. There's a lunch before the match, a family function after and a black tie dinner later that night, so it's means I have to get a new outfit every time! Most partners go to the away matches but I don't get to because of hockey commitments.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE RULES OF RUGBY? At the start it was strange to me but I've picked a lot of them up from going along. I'm still learning though and I don't think I'll ever understand the whole studs, mouldies and blades thing!

THE LAST PRESENT YOU BOUGHT EACH OTHER AND WHAT WAS THE OCCASION? For Christmas I bought him a watch, even though my mum told me it's bad luck! He bought me a Tiffany bracelet and necklace from New York when we were over before Christmas.

WHAT MAKES YOU FIGHT OVER THE REMOTE? The soaps, I love them and he doesn't! He's loves that stupid 24 programme and the Guinness League on a Sunday.

WHO'S THE BEST COOK? Him by far! His specialty is pork and leek sausages with mash and red wine sauce.

WHAT'S HIS MOST ANNOYING HABIT? Being late and going to the toilet with the door open!

MOST EMBARRASSING STORY ABOUT HIM? He booked us a holiday to New York last year as a surprise for me but when we got to the airport he realised he'd booked it for a week later so we had to go home again!

WHAT WAS YOUR LAST PURCHASE? A Tiffany ring to match my other jewellery!

WHAT WAS HIS LAST PURCHASE? A lime green 1971 Beetle - which I've told him I'm not getting in to!

DESCRIBE TOMMY IN THREE WORDS? Laid-back, loveable and bubbly.

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