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WAG tales: Lauren Shiels wife of Oran Kearney

Secrets of our sporting Wives And Girlfriends

Name: Lauren Shiels

Age: 24

What you do? Estate Agent

Where you met? Oran and I first met when he was coaching with my dad, Kenny. Although we didn't get together until a couple of months later when we met at Kelly's in Portrush.

What do you do when Oran's playing football? I try to go to a lot of Oran's games. When I'm not watching him play, I'm out shopping, putting a severe dent in his wallet... so I think he likes me coming to games!

Do you understand the rules of football? Yes, I think my dad had the offside rule drummed into me before I was even three years old! Coming from a footballing family I've had no choice but to like the game. My mum always said 'Never marry a footballer'!

The last present you bought each other and what was the occasion? Our wedding rings a couple of weeks ago.

What makes you fight over the remote? The soaps, Oran hates them! And NBA Basketball which I can't get into at all.

What's your favourite resturant? The Harbour in Portrush.

What's his most annoying habit? Biting his nails from time to time, apart from that he's pretty easy to live with!

What's your favourite shop? I love River Island and get a lot of things from Warehouse as well.

What was your last purchase? A pair of gorgeous pink shoes from 'Street Life' in Ballymena.

Are you going on any summer holidays? We are going to Cyprus next month to get married with all our family and friends and we can't wait!

Describe Oran in three words? Charming, funny and kind or, summed up in Oran's words - A complete legend!

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