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WAG tales: Michaela Douglas

Ruth Gorman gets up close and personal with the WAGS

NAME: Michaela Douglas.

PARTNER: Wife of Linfield defender Steven Douglas.

AGE: 28.

WHAT YOU DO: Hair Stylist.

WHERE YOU MET: We knew each other from school, Steven was in my sister's class which was the year above me. A crowd of us used to go to Ballymena Sports Bowl every Friday and Saturday night and that's where it all started when I was 15 and he was 16!

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN STEVEN'S PLAYING FOOTBALL? Saturday is normally my busiest day of the week so I don't get to watch him much. I do try and listen to the radio commentry though and I go to all the finals. I'm not really a football person but there's good atmosphere at finals. My dad Jeff Blair used to play for Glenavon and he did a bit of scouting and that's really how Steven got noticed. I always say if it wasn't for me he wouldn't be where he is now!

DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE RULES OF FOOTBALL?Not really even though I used to play! I was with Ballymena Allstars for a while because my sister was the one who started them but they all took it too seriously for me so I left.

LAST PRESENT YOU BOUGHT EACH OTHER AND WHAT WAS THE OCCASION? Our anniversary is coming up so I'm waiting on one. I might get another engagment ring because I've lost my last two! Steven has everything so it's hard to know what to get him - especially as he has expensive taste.

WHAT MAKES YOU FIGHT OVER THE REMOTE CONTROL? He's always watching football which cracks me up! What's worse is that our son Chandler is exactly the same so no matter what room I go into football is on. Any time I put the soaps on he cracks up but I know he secretly likes them because he always asks me questions about them!

WHAT'S HIS MOST ANNOYING HABIT? He picks his toenails which really bugs me and he snores even though he claims not to!

MOST EMBARRASSING STORY ABOUT HIM: When we were going out there was one night he was staying at my parents house with me. He was drunk and got up in the middle of the night to go to the toliet but instead of getting back into his bed he got into bed beside my mum and dad! My mum said if he had been a hunk she wouldn't have let him go!

DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS?We have a bicheonfrise dog called J-Lo which I bought Steven for his 26th birthday.

WHAT WAS YOUR LAST PURCHASE? A new mobile phone - and I've broken the screen already!

ARE YOU GOING ON ANY SUMMER HOLIDAYS? I'm going with the girls and the kids to Butlins - we're leaving the men behind! I was promised a big holiday but last year I couldn't go as I was pregnant so I'm still waiting.

DESCRIBE STEVEN IN THREE WORDS? Loveable, cuddly and caring.

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