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WAG Tales: Tina Campbell

Ruth Gorman gets up close & personal with the WAGS

NAME: Tina Campbell.

PARTNER: Glentoran and Northern Ireland under 21 football player Daryl Fordyce.

AGE: 25.

WHAT YOU DO: I work in the new Belfast H&M store and am training hopefully soon to become a visual merchandiser which is what I want to do. I love working in fashion with clothes etc, and I love shopping too!

WHERE YOU MET: I was on a night out with my friends in a Belfast nightclub when Daryl came up to me and felt my bum! We got talking, I gave him my number and a week later we were on our first date!

WHAT DO YOU DO WHEN DARYL IS PLAYING FOOTBALL?As I work in retail I work most Saturday's so I don't get to go to many of his matches. I try my best to get to his under 21 games but unfortunately his dad is supersticious about women going to Daryl's matches so I don't go much! I keep up to date though reading about him in the papers, plus I keep cut outs of him in a scrapbook!

DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE RULES? Not 100 per cent - I try and get Daryl to explain them to me but he just can't be bothered!

THE LAST PRESENT YOU BOUGHT EACH OTHER AND WHAT WAS THE OCCASION? Daryl bought me GHD straighteners a couple of weeks ago. They are part of my Christmas present but I needed them early! I buy him teddies and things like that all the time but the last present I bought him was a pair of socks from Primark.

WHAT MAKES YOU FIGHT OVER THE REMOTE? We don't really fight over the remote. I enjoy sitting watching football with him or Match of the Day but I don't like 24! If I want to watch something that he doesn't then he goes and sits downstairs. We watch lots of DVDs together though.

WHO'S THE BEST COOK? Daryl definitely! He's good at the pasta dishes, but I do cook a great Sunday roast!

WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE RESTURANT? We don't really have one. We like to try somewhere different each time.

WHAT'S HIS MOST ANNOYING HABIT? Where do I start! When we go shopping he hates it, he wants to go home after five minutes! Well, most men do don't they! He also sits and spends hours on the internet betting on football which does my head in.

MOST EMBARRASSING STORY ABOUT HIM: One night when we first started dating we were out with his sister and her boyfriend. I met his mum later on and she called me a different name! His face went pure red!


WHAT WAS YOUR LAST PURCHASE? Some cushions for our new apartment which we have just bought.

WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE ACCESSORY? My Dior bronzer and my mobile phone!

DO YOU HAVE ANY PETS? I have two dogs and Daryl also has two dogs. We want to get our own when we move into our apartment.

HAVE YOU BEEN ON ANY HOLIDAYS THIS YEAR? No. We are both trying to save at the minute but we are hoping to go to Mexico in the summer.


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