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Stitt hits the fan for UDA's Dee

Jailed blackmailer takes on loyalist chief on his own turf with rival murals.

By Ciaran Barnes

UDA godfather Dee Stitt’s crime empire is being challenged by a convicted loyalist extortionist who is not long out of jail.

Richard ‘Dicky’ Barry has thrown down the gauntlet to the perma-tanned Charter NI boss by putting up his own UDA and UFF murals across North Down.

The images showing a clenched red-hand and the words ‘Ulster Freedom Fighters’ have recently appeared in loyalist areas of Bangor and Newtownards. Tellingly, one of the paramilitary murals has been placed in Stitt’s Kilcooley estate powerbase.

Each mural also makes reference to ‘West Belfast’, which is a nod to the UDA brigade Barry belongs to.  Although based in Newtownards, the silver-haired 44-year-old’s gang takes its orders from Shankill Road UDA boss Matt Kincaid.

There is no love lost between Barry’s mob and the East Belfast UDA, of which Stitt is second in command. They both vie for control of the same lucrative criminal rackets that include extortion and drug dealing.

“Dicky Barry has really put Stitt’s nose out of joint by ordering the West Belfast UFF mural to go up in Kilcooley,” explained one UDA source. “Stitt’s taking it as a personal insult.”

The West Belfast UDA has around 600 members throughout North Down, which dwarfs the 150 men in Stitt’s East Belfast UDA grouping in the area.

Our source added: “When they were both on remand in prison a few years ago Stitt got Jimmy Birch (East Belfast UDA leader) to contact Matt Kincaid because he thought Dicky was going to beat him up.”

Adding to Stitt’s problems is his recent fall-out with loyalist Kenny ‘Muscles’ McCall, who was forced to flee Bangor after being targeted by the North Down UDA.

“Kenny would have been friendly with Dicky Barry’s unit and would have acted as a link-man to them for Stitt,” said our UDA source.

“But that relationship has broken down because Stitt’s gang put Kenny out of Bangor.  Stitt wrongly blamed Kenny for leaking stories about UDA criminality in the area to Sunday Life.”

Dicky Barry was recently freed from prison after serving four and a half years for UDA extortion.

He led a UDA gang that took cash from a Newtownards drug dealer, who was threatened with having his house and car burned if he did not pay up.

When cops raided the Ivy Bar in 2009 to arrest a shocked Barry they found him sipping a beer and counting £3,000. He also has convictions for having a knuckle-duster and stun gun.

A decade ago he was named in court as a UDA commander and loan shark who controlled the sale of drugs in local bars.

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