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Stranger sex unionist Hussey used Family Guy double caricature

By Ciaran Barnes

Ross Hussey was one of the nine strong panel of Policing Board members responsible for appointing the current chief constable George Hamilton.

That is just one example of the power that the veteran Ulster Unionist politician wields.

Mr Hussey earns around £70,000 per year from his dual role on the Policing Board, which holds the PSNI to account, and as an MLA for West Tyrone who also sits on the Northern Ireland Assembly Commission and its Finance Committee.

He is also chairperson of the Policing Board’s Audit and Risk Management Committee.

The 57-year-old ex-RUC reservist was first elected to Stormont in 2011 and he is also an Orangeman and mason.

Other groups he belongs to include the RUC George Cross Foundation and Royal British Legion.

Mr Hussey is the also the current chairman of the RUC Reserve part-time officers welfare group.

After being elected to the Assembly in 2011 he gave up his role on Omagh District Council on which he had served since 2005.

The son of a Welsh soldier and Northern Irish mother, Mr Hussey has spoken in the past of how he is both British and Irish.

A regular on social media he has managed both Facebook and Twitter to great effect during recent elections.

Drawing on his likeness to the cartoon character Peter Griffin from the hit TV show Family Guy, Mr Hussey has used this image next to his own to lighten the mood while on the campaign trail.

In 2014 he featured in a BBC Spotlight investigation into the MLA’s office cost expenditure.

The programme revealed Mr Hussey claimed the highest amount of rent out of all 108 Assembly members.

Justifying the £20,000 spend for a two-floor 2,000 square foot office with a disabled access lift, the Omagh based politician said he needed premises of that size to run a good constituency service.

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