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Taking lie detector test on Jeremy Kyle saved our marriage, insists Derry couple

William and Madeline McGlinchey on Jeremy Kyle Show
William and Madeline McGlinchey on Jeremy Kyle Show

By Christopher Woodhouse

Trevor and Rosemarie aren't the only Northern Ireland couple who found themselves in the media spotlight after appearing on the now infamous show.

Londonderry husband-and-wife William and Madeline McGlinchey's appearance on the ITV programme went viral after they opened up about their marital difficulties to Kyle in 2014.

They said the show left their marriage "happier and stronger" than ever despite some embarrassing moments during the recording.

William (34) went on the series after falsely accusing Madeline of being unfaithful, but it was William who was left shame-faced after taking the lie detector test.

The revelation wasn't enough to ruin their 10-year-long relationship. William (right with Jeremy Kyle) said of the test result: "It was a brilliant result, all good for me, unfortunately not for Maddie.

"But the fact is we are grand again now, and it's me that has to scold her!

"Of course I feel bad, oh God aye. I'm devastated for Madeline and her results, but like I said, what I did (having sex with another woman two or three times) was five years ago, and I did tell her.

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"But of course I'm devastated, but at the same time I can't feel bad because I am feeling so happy."

He added: "Ten years with me and she hasn't even two-timed me, or kissed anyone. What a result."

William said he feared Madeline had slept with a pal, after all three went on a drinking session at their Shantallow home. When Madeline walked on stage, it was revealed her husband made a shock confession to an affair just hours before taking the lie detector test.

The mum-of-three said of the result: "We had a good talk and we got over it, we are far more happier and stronger than before.

"He was in the dog house for a couple of days, though."

Both said that they had absolutely no regrets about going on the popular daytime show, despite being the subject of both ridicule and praise on social media sites.

William and Madeline McGlinchey on Jeremy Kyle show
William and Madeline McGlinchey on Jeremy Kyle show

William told Sunday Life at the time: "If I didn't go to Jeremy Kyle, I'd be still sitting here accusing her of going with my mucker. My head was gone, but it's back now; 10 years and she's never even kissed another man."

Describing Kyle as a "gentlemen", the couple said they believed he had saved their marriage.

"He's actually a sound man, a sound bloke. He has a laugh and a joke with you. What can you do, you're on his show and we are there to get the truth," added William.

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