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The Fall star Bronagh Waugh has a crafted a silky new business

Starring on screen alongside Jamie Dornan wasn’t always high on The Fall actress Bronagh Waugh’s agenda.

As a child, Bronagh had planned a very alternative career path and now she’s finally got the best of both worlds in the form of new business, PeaCo Creations.

“When I was about four or five-years-old I wanted to be a potter, not an actor,” Bronagh told Sunday Life.

“It’s probably a weird one for most kids, but I absolutely loved the idea of being able to translate whatever you wanted through something so creative.”

The Coleraine actor started making hand-painted scarves as presents for friends and family a couple of years ago, but due to a huge demand she’s now selling a range of stunning products.

“I’ve always been interested in arts and crafts and a few years ago my mum made a rule that we all had to make our own Christmas presents and now it’s become a business,” she said.


“My grandma used to run a craft shop in Coleraine and it sold lots of lovely local artwork and pottery. When I was little she would take me to see all the pottery and I just loved it.”

Bronagh returned to Belfast last week to film the highly-anticipated third series of The Fall with co-stars Jamie Dornan and Gillian Anderson.

But, back in her Surrey home, where she lives with partner, Richard Peacock, the pair have been designing gifts for people across the globe.

“Two years ago, after I had left Hollyoaks, I was really stressed out,” said the 33-year-old who also recently enrolled for an online university course.

“I had gone from working crazy hours to suddenly having loads of time off and it was such a shock to the system.

“So being able to put all my creativity into making hand-painted silk scarves was brilliant for me. Then I made a few headscarves for my friends who were going to festivals.

“It turned out that the scarves looked really beautiful in the light and so I decided to make lamp shades and, with the leftover material, brooches and pocket squares for men too.”

And it wasn’t long before Bronagh roped in her “extremely talented” other half.

“It’s a bit of a collaboration with the two of us because he’s a plumber and is amazing at turning boring-looking copper into everything from lamp bases to curtain rails so it works well.

“I’ve abandoned him now that The Fall is back though! When you’re working on  TV shows that can be quite heavy and hard-going, it’s lovely to be able to do something different.

“I think as you get older as an actor, it can be tiring having someone, whether it’s a director, an agent or whoever, constantly telling you what you should do.

“While you are creating a certain character, there’s a loss of control over who you actually are and art allows you to express whatever you want and hopefully people will like it too.

“PeaCo is very much in the infancy stages but it’s all very exciting and we’ve already had orders from America, Germany, Sweden and Australia.”

She added: “A lot of the designs are orientated from here, from places like Downhill and Benone beaches and the Glens of Antrim, where we filmed some of The Fall last year, and people seem to love it.

“Maybe it all won’t work out but it’s no big deal if it doesn’t.

“If you’re not frightened of failure then the world is your oyster and there are no limits.”

For more information, visit or check out @PeaCoCreations on Twitter.

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