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Time for FIFA to play by their own rules

You either have to be very brave or very foolish to take on the top boss.

His word is supposed to be gospel.

To be discussed and debated but never challenged.

For there will be ramifications — make no mistake about that.

The Irish Football Association, though, have bared their teeth, clenched fists and after being backed into a corner have come out swinging.

It’s taken them exactly a year to find the courage to do so but at least they are finally fighting back.

On the receiving end is the most powerful man in world football — FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

His shock backing, at the Slieve Donard Hotel last February, for the Football Association of Ireland in their quest to pursue Northern Ireland-born players, who hold an Irish passport but don’t have any other affiliation to the Republic, has made Blatter as one high ranking IFA official termed him on Friday — the enemy of Northern Ireland football.

He quotes the Good Friday Agreement.But what about your own statutes Mr Blatter? That’s what the Irish FA are crying foul over.

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