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Victims’ anger as school predator Lindsay Brown set to walk free


Lindsay Brown

Lindsay Brown

Lindsay Brown

Victims of notorious paedophile Lindsay Brown say they are disgusted that he will be freed from jail in the coming days.

The former vice-principal at Bangor Grammar was sentenced to a further eight months behind bars last week after admitting to sexually abusing his 10th and 11th victims.

But because of time served on remand the 81-year-old is due to walk out the gates of Maghaberry Prison before the end of the month.

Brown is expected to return to his new home in the Normandy region of north-west France, where he was extradited from to face the latest charges.

In a statement to Sunday Life victims of the serial child sex predator, who targeted pupils at Bangor Grammar over four decades, said: “We are disgusted that Brown will not serve time in jail and feel that justice has not been done, again.

“There are many more victims than the 11 boys he is convicted of offending against. Moreover we are appalled that yet again, Brown has been supported by members of his church and so-called Christian community.

“These are people who say that he is misunderstood and that somehow at 81 he should be left in peace. This is absolutely disgraceful.”

Brown first joined Bangor Grammar in 1968 as an assistant geography teacher. He went on to become a housemaster before being appointed vice-principal. Nicknamed ‘Pogo’ after a children’s cartoon character his predatory nature was an open secret among pupils at the school.

Despite using the teaching profession as a means to target children Brown continues to draw what his victims describe as a “fat gold-plated pension from the Department of Education”. They now want compensation from Bangor Grammar School, saying: “The school has never acknowledged the suffering of the boys with compensation, despite his offending even on their premises.

“We repeat our call for Bangor Grammar School to compensate the victims as all the boys abused by Brown will have relived the trauma of their own trial with this new devastating verdict.

“Brown has consistently been revealed to have what the judge called a sinister preoccupation with young boys.

“Those boys have to bear a lifetime of suffering and mental anguish as well as being subjected to the callousness of no support while Brown is treated with kid gloves.”

Survivors of Brown’s abuse plan on taking their campaign for justice to his new home in Normandy, promising to alert the French media to the paedophile in midst of the people of the town of Priou.

They said: “The survivors of his abuse have no doubt what that is. A leopard doesn’t change his spots. We have asked our lawyer to write to the police in Pirou to offer statements outlining the nature of the offences of which he is convicted to ensure that the children there can hopefully be protected.”

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