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Video: Belfast nurse and two classroom assistants' drunken bar fight shame



Altercation outside a Belfast bar

Altercation outside a Belfast bar

Kellys bar fight

Kellys bar fight

Altercation outside a Belfast bar

A nurse and two classroom assistants are believed to be the women at the centre of a viral internet video of a vicious attack on bar bouncers.

The trio are seen in footage launching a sustained assault on doormen at the famous Kelly's Cellars in Belfast which made national headlines last month.

Sunday Life understands that one of the women concerned works at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast while the two others are staff at primary schools in the west of the city.

According to a source, the agency auxiliary nurse has since returned to work but staff at the hospital have been banned from discussing the incident.

The trio can be seen being ejected from the 17th century pub before one of them repeatedly tries to get back in by raining kicks and blows on the men.

She is restrained by her two pals but all three then go back and continue to heckle the bouncer.

One of the women is then pushed by one of the door staff and falls backwards crashing onto the granite pavement and remains motionless for a short period before struggling to her feet.

Outraged, the other women begin attacking one of the doormen but they are both pushed away and fall to the ground in front of their friend.

Throughout the attack the women can be heard screaming at the doormen: "You're a f*****g w*****".

At one stage one of them gets up off the ground after being pushed away by one of the men and throws a pint glass towards him which smashes against the door beside his head.

One of them attempts to get back in for a final time but is repelled by the bouncers, falling to the ground from where she is lifted by bystanders.

The doormen then close the doors to the bar while the women are helped away by other punters.

It's understood the women were asked to leave the pub, famous as a meeting place of the United Irishmen, after a row with a male customer.

The incident was captured on mobile phone footage by several onlookers.

It was posted on social media just hours after the fight broke up and quickly went viral.

It was picked up by local and national news outlets the next day and to date has been watched by hundreds of thousands of people.

Police said they arrested three women aged 47, 37 and 28, following the incident on Bank Square which happened at around 10pm on April 14.

They were released on bail with police confirming that enquiries into the matter are going.

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