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Video: GARC thug Gerard McCusker threatens Sunday Life journalist

By Staff Reporter

Watch as a GARC thug issues a chilling threat to a Sunday Life reporter during an Ardoyne parade protest.

Gerard McCusker, the brother of a local SDLP politician, used the cover of the protest by the Greater Ardoyne Residents' Collective (GARC) to threaten the life of Sunday Life journalist Christopher Woodhouse.

McCusker, brother of Belfast city councillor Paul McCusker, ranted at our reporter that he was “coming after” him, saying he “better watch” himself.

McCusker was furious after Sunday Life recently exposed his mother selling cigarettes illegally from an unregistered van shop in the front garden of her Ardoyne home.

“I’m coming after you, I’m watching you. I’m coming after you, you scumbag c***,” he fumed. “I’m f****** coming after you, you better watch yourself. See after having a wee drink you’ll have a bad fall one night.”

Police are now investigating McCusker and have been passed video footage of the incident.

The National Union of Journalists condemned his shameful outburst, saying it was another attempt to undermine journalists in Northern Ireland.

Irish general secretary Seamus Dooley said: “It is unacceptable that journalists should face threats or intimidation from any quarter simply for doing their job.

“Sunday Life journalists will not be deterred from doing their work by these tactics.”

He added: “Independent News and Media journalists (Sunday Life’s parent company) have faced down threats in the past and will continue to do so.”

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