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Watch: Belfast rappers chant 'Brits out' at Empire following Royal visit

Sunday Life exclusive: MLA slams hate-filled gig

By David O'Dornan

A Belfast rap group have been condemned for their "outrageous behaviour" after they led chants of "Get the Brits out now" at the same pub Prince William and Kate Middleton graced 24 hours earlier.

Controversial West Belfast outfit Kneecap performed at the Empire Music Hall on Thursday and a video shows them on stage chanting the slogan - a day after a smiling Kate was snapped pulling pints in the same venue.

The Royals had hosted an event to honour Olympic gold medal winner Dame Mary Peters who was made a Lady Companion of Order of the Garter.

The DUP's Christopher Stalford, a South Belfast MLA said: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge delivered a simple message about bringing people together.

"Dame Mary Peters was also recognised for her work in uniting people. This hate-filled chanting is the very antithesis of what was said by the Royals.

"My family and I are British. When people chant "Brits out" they are saying they want me and my children to leave the area.

"My constituency is the most diverse in the country. I would condemn such a statement about any other people group and I trust there will be fulsome condemnation from all leaders in South Belfast about this outrageous behaviour."

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Kneecap's £12.50 per head show was billed as "not to be missed" and the trio - rappers Mo Chara and Moglai Bap alongside balaclava wearing DJ Provai - switch between Irish and English in their set.

When Sunday Life contacted the Empire Music Hall and asked them about the chanting led by the performers, a spokesman said: "We'll be making no comment."

In the same video of their Belfast show, the group also lead the crowd in another chant of "f**k RTE".

The Duchess of Cambridge pulls a pint during her visit to Belfast’s Empire Music Hall
The Duchess of Cambridge pulls a pint during her visit to Belfast’s Empire Music Hall

Last year the group hit the headlines after their foul-mouthed single Cearta - Irish for 'right' - was banned from RTE playlists before the watershed due to the song's "drug references and cursing".

Defending their act, Moglai Bap (25) said at the time: "We're proud of Irish culture, but we don't want to be defined by it. We wanted this song to break stereotypes."

The video was leaked to the media by someone who found the chanting by Kneecap sickening.

On Wednesday the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge laughed and exchanged jokes as they got behind the bar at the Empire Music Hall and attempted to pour a few pints.

Prince William said it was "fitting" to recognise Dame Mary (79), who he said had "helped inspire so many of you in the first place".

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