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Watch: Schoolboy Stephen Nolan fluffs his lines on TV debut

He’s the king of local TV who can handle all the tough questions — but Stephen Nolan’s first ever telly appearance was a very different matter.

Nolan, who turned 44 last month, was a fresh-faced schoolboy when he first set foot into a BBC studio to strut his stuff in front of the cameras.

He was part of a Belfast Inst team competing in a quiz show called All Square, presented by Mike Edgar, in the late 1980s.

But unlike his polished scripts for his hit BBC One show Nolan Live, Stephen fluffed his lines by getting in a muddle and the answers wrong in his little-known TV debut.

A source said: “It might just be the only time Nolan’s ever been caught at sixes and sevens, as we’re so used to him being at the top of his game week in week out.

“It’s a far cry from the bold and brash Nolan that everyone knows today, on this occasion it’s one TV performance he’d rather forget.”

It might have been an unlucky introduction to the media world, but Nolan would of course go on to much bigger things in years to come at the BBC.

He’s even hosted successful game shows of his own, like Panic Attack, as well as countless documentaries and his successful Nolan Show radio programme.

His rags to riches journey to the top is revealed in a free book in today’s Sunday Life, Nolan: The Man Behind the Mic.

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