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Life is sacred from the moment of conception

Brian McClinton says, correctly, that personhood is the central issue in the abortion debate.

If abortion is held to be a right, then its application has to be at an arbitrary stage between conception and full term.

There is no logical reason why viability outside the womb should confer personhood and the right to life on a foetus.

He does not accept that life begins at conception, because even sperm cells are alive. True, but they have no development potential unless merged with an ovum. Then, with DNA complete, a human begins to develop.

No ambiguity here. Pro-abortionists like to make the early stage of pregnancy seem obscure and ill-defined, but it is not so.

From the beginning, the process is amazingly complex, but well-understood.

At eight weeks, the major organs are formed. The heart beats. At 16 weeks, the mother's voice can be heard.

Yet pro-abortionists are prepared to treat all this as mere human waste.

It is clear from scripture that the author of life takes account of every human life - even from conception.

And anyone taking that life is accountable to Him.

Donald Gale

By email

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