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Top 10 books to help you keep your New Year resolutions

After all the excesses of the festive period, the New Year is traditionally a time for reassessing our lives.

With so many New Year resolutions couched in negative terms, it’s no surprise many of them fail.

Many resolutions – like quitting smoking – are very positive in themselves. But how do you turn those good intentions into rock solid determination?

The answer for many is to seek assistance from the professionals in the form of a self-help book.

We’ve looked out some of the best to get you started. From stopping smoking, to keeping fit, saving money or healing relationships – there’s lots here to get your New Year off on a solid foundation.


New Year's Resolutions, Goals, Dreams & Aspirations: Discover How to Put an End to Unfulfilled Plans & Finally Succeed at Achieving All of Your Goals (Paperback) by Suzanne J. Price

Ok - let’s start at the very beginning which means setting the right goals. And who better to help than a life coach, facilitator and professional motivational speaker. By using NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), coaching and visualization exercises Suzanne reckons it is possible to develop the life skills which will help you achieve success in any area of your life. Valuable advice and inspiring techniques are also suggested to help you overcome barriers so that you are more likely to succeed.

Price: £10.95



Brilliant Time Management: What the Most Productive People Know, Do and Say (Brilliant Business)

So often we say that we haven’t got time for meeting up, working out, doing chores ..... the list is endless. So if it is possible to magic more time into your day wouldn’t that make life a little bit easier? In this book Mike Clayton shares with you the winning principles that helped him launch two successful businesses, lead and manage teams of people and juggle a busy family life which all adds up to twenty years worth of real-life experience. So, get back on top of your workload, find the time to start something new or simply make more time to relax.

In order words discover how to work smarter, not harder.

Price: £7.69



Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Be a Happy Non-smoker for the Rest of Your Life

This book is widely regarded as the holy grail on how to quit smoking. Allen Carr's hundred-cigarettes-a-day addiction drove him to despair. After countless attempts to quit he eventually discovered the easy way to do it and reveals the no scare tactics methods and techniques outlined in this book. With millions of copies sold worldwide, this classic is a must for anyone who is sincere in their desire to lead a smoke free and healthier life.

Price: £9.99



Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide (4th). By Hal Higdon

Are you the type of person who dreams of one day being able to run a marathon but never does anything about it? Armed with this definitive manual by esteemed American writer and runner Hal Higdon there will no more excuses. Running offers an affordable and positive way to relieve stress and marathons and - more than ever - half-marathons provide the opportunity for many to gain a huge sense of accomplishment that might not be possible in other aspects of their lives. Hal’s book is considered to a runner’s bible – why?  Because it works.

He provides clear and essential information covering training, injury prevention and nutrition.  And this fourth edition contains 25 per cent new material so it will appeal to novices and pros alike.

Now, where did you leave those trainers?




Why Him? Why Her? How to Find and Keep Lasting Love. By Helen Fisher

Internet dating, blind dates set up by well meaning friends, nights out on the town - what is the winning formula for finding love in 2014 According to Dr Helen Fisher, biological anthropologist and relationship expert, the best way to find that special someone is through your very own brain chemistry. Once you've identified yourself as one of the personality types: an explorer, a builder, a negotiator, or a director Dr Fisher provides a useful and fascinating rubric for thinking about your future match by understanding your own personality type.

Her groundbreaking research involved analyzed the personalities of more than 28,000 users so whilst there are no guarantees for finding true love there is at least a little book full of sound, well considered advice.

Price: £7.24.


You and Your Money by Alvin D. Hall

Money, and the lack of, can be a major worry. If financial woes get you down, make 2014 the year you conquer them. Alvin Hall, American financial adviser, author and media personality, believes that the real factor that determines our success or failure with money is how we handle the various emotions and relationships that impact on our money- making decisions. His book serves up no-nonsense advice on how to ensure we gain control over our finances.

With practical and workable tools gained from years of experience working with cash trapped individuals and families Alvin outlines how to make sure the money we work hard to earn works hard for us.

PRICE: £6.47



A Year of Doing Good: One Woman, One New Year's Resolution, 365 Good Deeds by Judith O'Reilly

Judith O'Reilly, author of the hugely popular blog and book Wife in the North charts her year-long social experiment in her latest book. It was simple. For one whole year – she would do one good deed every day. Juggling family, friends and a variety of neighbours in the small Northumberland village she calls home, she recounts the ups, downs and sheer bloody hard work of doing good.

And along the way she provides inspiration for those who want to put others first in the year ahead and in doing so reap the unexpected benefits of happiness and health.

Price: £7.99



Jump Ship: Ditch Your Dead-End Job and Turn Your Passion Into a Profession. by Josh Shipp

How do you know if you're in the wrong career? In times of recession it is more difficult than ever to take the difficult decision of quitting a job you don't love. TV personality and motivational speaker Josh Shipp offers this step-by-step guide through one of life's most difficult--and most important—transitions.

Uncover your main priorities and draw inspiration through the countless testimonials from people who have already benefited from Josh’s help. Packed with powerful stories and practical guidance, this is a book designed to help you face down your fears and make the move.

Price: £10.43


Going Home without Going Crazy: How to Get Along with Your Parents and Family (even When They Push Your Buttons) By Andra Medea

Rifts with family, friends or even colleagues tend to hold us back emotionally. For many, holidays and homecomings spent with family is angst ridden. Hence instead of enjoying precious moments of togetherness and connection these times can be filled with resentment and bitterness Author Andra Medea, a renowned conflict management expert, introduces a three-level conflict resolution strategy for dealing with petty bickering to naked aggression and everything in between So what results can you hope for?  Medea reckons that by embracing her techniques you will improve communication, dispel pent-up anger and resentment as well as strengthen family relationships.

In other words going back home next Christmas for that big family gathering won’t be a dreaded chore but more of a relaxed clan gathering.

Price: £13.54


Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2014

Make your next holiday an heart warming experience to remember The travel experts at Lonely Planet have drawn on their vast knowledge and that of their online community to create this ultimate travel guide which highlights the best places to go and the hippest things to do all around the world right now. 

Ponder over which of the top 10 countries, regions and cities to visit in 2014 will be on your travel bucket list for the year ahead and use their well researched events planner to ensure that you don’t miss out on fantastic experiences that will make your next trip out of the ordinary.

Price: £9.99

Products are available from many good book stores.

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