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Tele Recommends: Northern Ireland's best Chinese restaurants

We've consulted the experts to bring you the best Northern Ireland has to offer - the places, the food, the music, the craic.

Joris Minne has reviewed restaurants for the Belfast Telegraph since 2008. Even so, he has not considered hanging up his knife and fork. He says his job is to name the good restaurants and shame the bad ones so you don't waste your money.

What is Tele Recommends?

Asked to name Northern Ireland's five best Chinese restaurants, he recommends...

All Seasons, Botanic Avenue, Belfast. 028 9080 8833

Family favourite doesn't mean blandly acceptable. All Seasons may be traditional but it is also consistently good. Hot pots, sole with ginger and scallions and the ever watchful eye of owner Richard Yip keeps this Botanic Avenue stalwart popular throughout the year.

Essence, Lisburn Road, Belfast. 028 9066 6610

Don't be put off by the slightly down at heel look of the place. The friendly staff along with the great Chinese noodle and rice classics make this neighbourhood eatery a continuing success. The karaoke room upstairs can be booked for private parties and you haven't partied like this since the Eighties.

Macau, Ormeau Road, Belfast. 028 9069 1800

Considered by many to be the best in Belfast, you need to get up early to book a table. Constantly busy and good with young families, Macau majors on seafood and features monkfish, squid and prawns. And it's BYO.

Joy Inn, Dublin Road, Belfast. 0298 9023 2485

Benny Ng runs this upstairs restaurant on the Dublin Road with charm and efficiency. The dark and faintly louche décor features booths, creating both intimacy and excitement. Look out for the sweet Mongolian beef, pork and aubergine hot pot and the chilli squid, which is unlike any other.

Steamboat, Donegall Pass. Belfast. 028 9023 0862

DIY grill and boiler at each setting, you pays your money and helps yourself to the prepped veg, rice, noodles, seafood, pork, chicken and beef and play with your food. Choices of broths in which to cook these range from gently spiced to call-air-sea-rescue hot. Don't miss the glass of melon juice at the end.

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