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Tele Recommends: Northern Ireland's best local food products

We've consulted the experts to bring you the best Northern Ireland has to offer - the places, the food, the music, the craic.

Nigel Logan runs Hillstown Farm Shop. The shop stocks a huge selection of |produce from NI's thriving culinary scene and he has been a key part of the local artisan food revolution. Find out more at

What is Tele Recommends?

Asked to name Northern Ireland's five best food products, he recommends...

Broughgammon Farm Cabrito

Cabrito, or kid goat meat, is a delicious and healthy meat and the boys at Broughgammon Farm (just outside Ballycastle) supply the best in Northern Ireland. We buy the whole goat and produce delicious cuts of meat as well as burgers, sausages and lots of other delicious stuff.

Abernethy Butter

You can't beat the taste of real butter and nobody does it better locally than Abernethy from Dromara, Co. Down. All of the butter is churned by hand, as well as the quality of the raw ingredients; there's something about the hand-churning which produces a butter unlike anything else.

Harnett's Oil

Harnett's is a family-run business from Waringstown which produces cold-pressed culinary oils from rape, hemp, linseed and sunflower. They're a big part of the local artisan food revolution and, like us, are regulars at St George's Market in Belfast.

Antrim Honey

This new product from those busy bees at Shane's Castle is just amazing. As well as being produced near us, it's nice to think the bees that produced it might have sipped on nectar in one of the fields on our farm. It doesn't get more local than that!

Barnhill Apple Juice

This naturally cloudy apple juice from the Redmond family outside Portadown is made with whole fruit which is grown, harvested and pressed on the family farm. It has no added sweeteners, colourings, preservatives or water. It's just pure, unadulterated apple juice and it's delicious.

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